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Assertivenessis the ability to stand up for yourself or other people, while stillrespecting the feelings and opinions of those you are confronting. Inthis scenario, assertive communication is the best way to deal withthe issue at hand (Nordström, 2017). Margaret is a more experiencednurse than I, and even though we have different opinions about thebedside shift report, being respectful to her and her opinion isessential. Assertive communication involves approaching an issuepositively and calmly. Therefore, it would create room for ameaningful conversation with Margaret, and she would be willinglisten to my point of view. This paper will explain how assertivecommunication helps to portray respect between two people and aidsimprove self-esteem and gain respect from others.

Havingestablished that assertive communication is the best way to speakwith Margret about this issue, I would calmly approach her. I wouldthen tell her that I respect her beliefs but that it is alsoimportant to get a report that matches the patient`s descriptioncorrectly so that I can administer the right medication, to the rightpatient, at the right time. I would also tell her that I feel sorrybecause I am not meeting the manager’s expectations and that if weworked together, we would meet the manager’s anticipations to avoidany troubles.

Assertivecommunication does not involve embarrassing the other person byconfronting them in front of everyone and making a scene. Therefore,I would call her aside where there is no audience and quietly havethis conversation. Without an audience to interfere with ourconversation, we would communicate better (Nordström, 2017).

Inconclusion, conflict is a disagreement between two parties who havedifferent opinions or beliefs. In this scenario, Margaret does notsee the point of the bedside shift report while on the other hand, Ibuy into the reasoning behind it. Therefore, our opinions oppose,making this an example of a conflict.


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