Learning Problems in Early Days in Primary School

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LearningProblems in Early Days in Primary School

  1. My growth from childhood was complicated due to my brain deficiency while in primary school. I experienced learning disorders and speech delay. The way I conduct myself today is greatly influenced by the complications I developed from childhood. I believe the manner in which other people conduct themselves is also influenced by the factors that affected their growth and development.

  2. Coming from a large family was important as much as my growth and development were concerned. I received a lot of support that enabled me cope with hyperthyroidism as my learning disorders and speech delay. Your family is of great significance since it determines your growth to adulthood.

  3. When I look in the mirror I say I love myself so much to an extent that I cannot allow negative energy to affect my goals in life.

LearningProblems in Early Days in Primary School

Ijoined primary school at the age of seven with the aim of advancingmy knowledge. Everything looked new to me. The pupils, teachers aswell as the settings of the school were totally different from what Ihad experienced before. The class I joined constituted of 36 pupilsfrom different races. Surprisingly, I learned that I was the oldeststudent among all the students in my class. Despite this, our classteacher treated all of us equally.

Thelong duration I took in a reading and responding to questions askedin class made students call me a slow learner. Majority of thestudents associated my inactiveness in class with stupidity. Theythought I was weak in education, and as a result, avoided me in classdiscussions. However, this did not last for long. Our class teacherrescued me by referring students with problems related to minespecial students. Since then, life in school has been smooth and Iprogressing well with my education.

Inconclusion, my experience in primary school was affected greatly bymy learning disability in addition to speech delay. My colleaguesconsidered me a slow learner. However, the support I received from myteacher and family assisted me significantly. In fact, the positiveperception about me when I look in the mirror is as a result of theirsupport.