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TheThings They Carried byTim O’Brien

Thetypical life of soldiers in the battlefield is composed of severalthings. Tim O’Brien gives a fascinating but disturbing descriptionof what soldiers experience while participating in wars. Even ifsoldiers are not on the battlefield, they remember certain thingsfor example, the emotional and psychological consequences of the war.Different equipment which soldiers carry depends on the rank,mission, and place. Some tools or equipment are necessary for thesurvival of a soldier. Other commodities reflect the deeper feelings,emotional and psychological, that soldiers experience in thebattlefield (Ferguson100).For instance, some soldiers take photographs of their girlfriendsbecause of strong romantic feelings(Donovan 99).Havingserved as a foot soldier in various places, O’Brien witnessedhorrifying scenes. Just like other soldiers, O’Brien rememberspositive and negative experiences of military activities. Sadmemories have far-reaching effects on the lives of veteran soldiers.When a soldier recalls how a colleague was killed on the battlefield,he is likely to have a mental illness. Soldiers who fall in love butcannot get time to spend with their lovers because of war developemotional disorders. The purpose of the paper is to examine theeffects of various tools which soldiers carry when they participatein wars. Tim O’Brian’s book, TheThings They Carried providesvaluable insight into the emotional and psychological costs of thewar. This is because of the detrimental effects of war enhances theprobability of soldiers coming out of the battlefield with PTSD.


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