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LegislativeCommitments and Assigned Committees of Texas State

Icome from Houston in Texas. The state legislators have variouscommitments such as commitment to education, health and security.Legislative committees are essential because they control howlegislative bodies operate in Texas and focus on the current issuesaffecting the state. Suitable issues are identified, relevantinformation gathered, and appropriate actions proposed (Crosskey,2012). Specific jurisdictions guide the actions of legislativemembers to ensure that the interests of the public are consideredwhen implementing policies. Considerable legislations ensure thatinstances of bias or unfairness are eliminated when offering servicesthat involve information distribution. The letter evaluates a pendinglegislation and outlines arguments concerning its implementation.

LegislativeInitiative that is Investigated Current Pending

Thepending policy that needs consideration is the political advertisingact. Recently, inequality is witnessed in the advertising sectorespecially in politics. Communication media such as televisions andradios may offer advertisement services in a biased manner. Forinstance, some issues or people are given more airtime compared toothers (Semetko, 2016). The political advertising act is necessaryfor Houston because it would help in minimizing bias and unfair dealsconcerning politics. I support the motion and request for itsconsideration and implementation in the country. Civilians will beable to acquire the intended information if fairness is ensured usingthe political advertising act. Effective decision-making facilitatesthe smooth running of legislative operations. Informed individualscan make correct decisions concerning their favorite candidates.People rely on media to understand political requirements andprocedures of their country.

Support/ConstructiveArgument Regarding the Policy

Provisionof limited airtime to political issues exposes citizens to incompleteinformation, which hinders their abilities to make choices of theirleaders. Media stations need to be controlled from one source andusing the same regulations (Crosskey, 2012). The allocation ofairtime is an activity that requires intervention of a legislativebody. I think that the pending policy would change politics inHouston because transparency will be enhanced. The progress of thecity depends on the reliability and effectiveness of the selectedcandidates. Therefore, the progress of the city and the whole countrywill be achieved because citizens will be choosing leaders who candeliver and initiate development in all sectors.

Aspirants’profile would be highly publicized if each candidate is allocatedadequate and equal airtime to popularize himself or herself. Focusingone individual promotes unfairness because citizens are not likely tobe informed about the other aspirants. Based on the recentinvestigation on media coverage, the presidential candidates inAmerica were not allocated the same airtime. Political advertisingneeds to be equally offered, and the financial potential of theaspirants should not be allowed to influence the media coverage.Campaigns are expensive, and most aspirants may not be able to payfor the same airtime like their fellow candidates. Moderating thepolitical advertisement will ensure that the media coverage of allcandidates is monitored and fairness promoted (Cohen, 2014). Theequal time regulation contained in the pending policy would ensurethat broadcast networks are fair to all political candidates. Theefforts of candidates who buy elections will also be hindered, andminor-party aspirants will be provided with equal airtime. Approvalof the motion should be accomplished to make sure that politicalunfairness would not be experienced in the political field in future.


Legislative bodies ensure that policies are developed and enforcedaccording to the constitution. Fairness is an essential aspect thatneeds to be enhanced in the political field. Aspirants should beallocated the same airtime by broadcasting networks to ensure thatcitizens understand them better. Decision-making is a concept thatdepends on information availability and quality. Informed citizensare said to make correct political choices compared to the uninformedones. The political advertising act needs to be approved to help ineliminating unfairness in the political sector.


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