Levels of Technology and Human Societies Development

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Levelsof Technology and Human Societies Development

Levelsof Technology and Human Societies Development

Overthe years, man has used various forms of technology to improve hisway of living in the society. The five key societies of human beingsare hunting and gathering, horticultural and pastoral, agrarian,industrial, and postindustrial. The essay discusses how technologicaldevelopment enhanced human activities and quality of life in thesocieties.

Inthe hunting and gathering society, people invented fire. Fire enabledman to scare wild animals. At the same time, man used it to improvethe quality of food which he consumed (Hard &amp Jamison, 2013). Inhorticulture and pastoral societies, human beings opted to settle inparticular places and, therefore, thought of using technology to growtheir food. Man utilized the existing technology to make crudeweapons for instance, simple tools like axes to clear forests. Againthe use of wooden stick and spade for digging made the process ofhorticulture attainable.

Nevertheless,in the horticulture and pastoral societies, the technology of makingbetterweapons and tools was not effective and efficient. In the agrarianperiod, man improved technology tremendously. There is evidence ofusing fire to smelt weapons and tools. Similarly, people used oxenand other animals to provide the necessary energy for pulling cartsand tilling the land. In the agrarian society, dependence on plantbiomass as the primary source of energy was critical (Hård &ampJamison, 2013). However, there was a lack of sufficient technology totransform solar energy into other forms of energy. The transitionfrom the agrarian to the industrial society resulted in a moreadvanced use of technology, particularly to tap the enormous amountof energy.

Duringthe industrial stage, man used technology to generate energy fromcoal. Various machines also emerged. For instance, locomotivevehicles were invented for transportation. Meanwhile, in thepostindustrial societies, there is extensive use of automatedmachines to provide services to the society (Hård &amp Jamison,2013). Information technology enhances service delivery in allsectors of the economy.

Insummary, different human societies employed various forms oftechnology to improve their standards of living. Nonetheless,postindustrial society is better to all people since it makesservices more efficient and reliable.


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