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Inmy opinion, the idea of gay movements that pleasurejustifies sexuality at least as much as reproductionis wrong and embraced only by people who find pleasure in engaging insexual activity rather than regard it for the purpose of generation.I strongly believe that sex is meant for vaginal intercourse orpenile penetration and not for lesbians, homosexuals or any otherform of sexual activity that does not involve a male and a female.

Ifirst learned about sex through people because, as a child, I couldhear parents and elderly people rebuke sex as bad manners. Also, as atopic in school, I learned about sex, the reproductive systems andthe adolescent changes that occur to both boys and girls. I had toseek more information before indulging in sexual activity though Iwas very curious to try it.

Severalchallenges that face sexual minorities include lack of sexualeducation regarding body care, stigmatization and marginalizationfrom the rest of the people these people consider sexual minoritiesas a community that disobeys the law of God. Also, gays faceinferiority complex as they cannot identify themselves in publicbefore people implying that they, in some way, lead a life ofpretense (Sargent et al, 2014).

Inconclusion, sexual education in schools should not include LGBTQIAAinformation. Gay marriages or relationships ought not to exist.Despite some people saying that sexuality serves the same purpose ofpleasure just like reproduction, I totally disagree with them becausesuch people are ruining and destroying the true worth and respectthat was initially accorded to marriages. For that reason, schoolsneed to teach only one type of marriage, that between man and wife,and not same-sex marriages.


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