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Thelibrary supports the university’s mission particularly by ensuringthe provision and easy access to instructional materials. The widevariety of books and articles create a conducive environment forlearning and hence the realization of one’s full potential. Thelibrary is not just a place for getting class materials there areadditional services which further broaden the relevance of education.For instance, there is the provision of support services which servethe students in every way possible so that success is achieved in thelong run. Additionally, the library is also a relevant and reliablesource of information concerning educational trips, courseannouncements, and annual reminders. The business department is oneof the areas that has a lot of students and also resources [ CITATION Flo17 l 2057 ].For this reason, the assets in the field of business are quiteadvanced and streamlined to serve all students and staff with apurpose.


Thebusiness section of the library has been structured in a way thatallows easy navigation from one area to another. The database is alsowell equipped with a variety of resources and materials ranging fromacademic journals to newspapers and business publications.Additionally, there are other resources including businessperiodicals and analyses done previously which can assist studentsnot only in gaining knowledge but also during the development ofresearch projects. A close look at the library database reveals oneof the most important sources of data is available. Data and figuresfrom companies, various financial statements, executive information,and export data can be found easily in the library. On top of that,there is information concerning the federal government and statisticsrelated to the business world for which students can connectclasswork with the real-life event taking place from past years todate. Put together the student is now able to find and utilize anyrelevant material to his or her course. However, all is not donewithout the so much needed guidance on citation styles and how theyare applied in business research. This library has this functionalityas well.


Apparently,this library is well organized and focused on helping studentsachieve their goals successfully. It fulfills the purpose oftraditional libraries and offers, even more, services. Take forexample someone who wants to access certain government resources ordata but does not know how to do so will get almost instantassistance from the live chat or by contacting the librariansdirectly. As such, this library has integrated several services intoone secure unit for efficiency. Beginning from a new student whowants basic information to those who are doing their research ortheses, samples of previous works can be found, and students can getinformation as well as an overview of what is expected of them.Continuous update of the library materials ensures that one can gainaccess to the most recent articles and periodicals as well as bookshence keeping up with current events. Last but not least, the libraryhas made it easier to obtain materials through dedicated searchengines and specific tabs.


Knowledgegain requires not only the availability of resources but also access.For this reason, a good library must be equipped with the necessaryassets, both in terms of learning material and personnel. Thelearning assets should be continuously updated and regulated whilethe physical and staff assets must be well maintained and provideinstantaneous assistance and options to the learners.


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