Local Breach of Sensitive Online Data

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LocalBreach of Sensitive Online Data

LocalBreach of Sensitive Online Data

Filescontaining sensitive information concerning students and any otherpeople should be properly secured to avoid access by unauthorizedpersons. Such third parties can use the data for maliciousactivities. It is of great significance to describe the measuresnecessary for educational service providers to avoid security breachof sensitive data.

Suchsecurity measures include the security controls that could have beenutilized to prevent the safety breach. Securing the database is oneof the precautions that ensure the network is hidden concerning thedatabase to keep the data away from unwarranted parties (Hernandez,2016). Anyone who needed to use the information should have asked forpermission, and the administrators could decline some users and grantprivilege to the EducationS authors only as they were the peoplemeant to view it. This ensures that the public is limited to accessthe data. The IT department had the responsibility of continuouslyreviewing the state of their network while there was a need to shiftto another Internet provider. Moreover, because this is the secondtime a public breach occurred regarding birth dates, securitysettings, and risks assessment required evaluation regularly(Johnson, 2015).

TheEducationS organization should have also implemented the use of portscanners to enable them to know all the open ports that hackers andother scammers can use to gain access to their network. They wouldalso consider the use of web application scanners to scan its websiteproviders in an attempt to find out any dangers facing its sensitivedata. This would have minimized the possibility of locking down theweb applications by the public (Vacca, 2013).

Inconclusion, the company is facing serious security issues that couldbe addressed by changing the security controls before changing theinternet providers. It is advisable that this is uniformly done tocheck if the firm data faces complications of any manner. This canhelp reduce the cases of local breach of sensitive online data facingEducationS organization and thus strengthen its security measures.


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