Locating and Critically Analyzing Primary Research Articles

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Locatingand Critically Analyzing Primary Research Articles

Locatingand Critically Analyzing Primary Research Articles

‘Patients,providers, and systems need to acquire a specific set of competenciesto achieve truly patient-centered care’ is an article that waswritten by Bernabeo, E., and Holmboe, E. and published by the HealthAffairs in 2013. In this article, the authors present a report on theresearch conducted on the basics of patient-centered care. It reportsthat the delivery of patient-centered care requires the healthcareproviders should adopt a multidisciplinary approach by collaboratingwith the patients, management, and all the other stakeholders (Saxon,London, Bacharouch, Smith, Santen &amp Perry, 2013).

‘Asystematic review of evidence on the links between patient experienceand clinical safety and effectiveness’ is an article which wasauthored by Doyle, C., Lennox, L., &amp Bell, D. and published bythe BMJ in 2013. Here, the authors report that patient-centered careis a priority area that should be taken seriously (Flick, 2015).Positive patient experience is important because it determines thesatisfaction of the patients.

Thearticles are important because they can be used in providing valuableinformation on patient-centered care. The first article isappropriate because it presents information on the kinds ofcompetencies that should be possessed by the healthcare providers. Itis true that the effectiveness of the patient-centered care can beenhanced by collaboration among the involved parties(Spring &amp Hitchcock, 2013).On the other hand, the second article discusses about the strategiesof improving patient experience. It is true that a patient can besatisfied if treated with respect and all the needs are met (Holloway&amp Wheeler, 2013).

Thereis a big difference between summary and synthesis. Summary refers tothe provision of a brief synopsis of the article (Fairman, Rowe,Hassmiller &amp Shalala, 2011). Synthesis is a critiquing of anarticle. Summary and synthesis are important activities that shouldbe done when conducting research.


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