Malcolm X

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Quotesfrom Spunk

Spunkisa short story written by Zola Hurston about the Harlem renaissance.Throughout the story, there are several quotes by the author, whichcan be termed as interesting. One of the quotes I found interestingwhile reading the text is “A round-shouldered figure in overallsmuch too large, came nervously in the door and the talking ceased.”The second interesting quote in the text is “He stood there silentfor a long moment staring blankly, with his Adam’s apple twitchingnervously up and down his throat.” Another quote that stands out is“A clear case of self-defense, the trial was a short one, and Spunkwalked out of the court house to freedom again.” The fourth quotethat stood out as I read the text is “The man gathered the nextevening in a different mood, no laughter. Finally, the quote at theend of the text is interesting. The author notes “The women ateheartily of the funeral baked meats and wondered who would be Lena’snext.”

Thequotes are interesting since they represent the behavior of thepersons involved in the text. All the quotes reflect the thoughts,feelings, and mood of the participants in the story. Moreover, thequotes bring out the sense of humor in the play. Despite somechallenging situations, the characters are still humorous.

Quotesfrom Sweat

Thistext tells the story of a woman and her husband. It is an interestingread with some quotes that capture the attention of the reader. Someof the quotes include “She lifted her eyes to the door and saw himstanding there bent over with laughter at her flight.” Secondly,the statement where Delia is answered by her husband is interesting.He says “Course Ah knowed it! That’s how come Ah done it.”Another interesting quote is “If you such a big fool dat you got tohave a fit over a earth worm or a string. Ah don’t keer how bad Ahskeer you.” The fourth quote that I found interesting is “Yousho is one aggravatin’ nigger woman!” Finally, the response fromthe husband when he kicked the clothes together is interesting. Sykestells his wife “Next time, Ah’m gointer kick ’em outdoors.”

Ifound the quotes interesting because of the language used by thenarrator. Not only does the narrator use English, but also blends itwith Scottish. This makes the story appealing to the audience.Moreover, I like the quotes because of the ease with which Sykesresponds to the complaints by his wife.

Lookingfor Zora by Ducille

Inthis text, the writer describes Zora Hurston, a writer whose worksfocused on the issue of racism in the United States. There are somestatements by Ducille about Hurston, which one can agree with whileothers are disagreeable. One of the statements I disagree with aboutHurston is “Her words have all the arrogance, optimism andinnocence of youth, although some might argue that, whether 16 or 60,Hurston was never innocent.” I disagree with this statement sinceHurston is not an arrogant writer. Rather, she expresses her feelingsabout the issue of racism. In addition, she represents theexperiences of Negroes and other ethnic minorities in the UnitedStates. Hurston also depicts the differences between people of colorand the whites.

Ialso agree with one of the statements that Ducille has written aboutHurston. One of the statements that I agree with about Hurston is “Adevoted daughter of the rural South, was, on the one hand, a fiercecultural nationalist who championed the black folk at every turn ofthe page….” It is true that Hurston championed for the rights ofthe blacks through her numerous works. Through her writings, shefought for the recognition of blacks and their entitlement to beaccorded equal rights with whites. Moreover, she highlighted how theNegroes and people of color were oppressed by the regime. Hurston isagainst discrimination of people based on the color of their skin.She advocates for equal treatment of all human beings despite theirethnic affiliation.



Basedon the sentiments of , it is apparent that there is arelationship between literacy and freedom. It is assumed that freepeople have an opportunity to become more literate compared to thosewho are incarcerated. While in prison, one does not have a chance toget formal education. The only way one can become educated is throughlearning alone as did.


MalcolmX’s stance relates to the importance of education and thedifference it can make in a person’s life. The stance is madeexplicit in the last paragraph of the text. He acknowledges that hecarries a book whenever he is traveling in a plane. This implies thathe values education and would like many people to embrace a readingculture.


Inthe description of his efforts to learn reading and writing, MalcolmX can be considered as objective. This is because the activist givesa non-biased account of what he experienced in his efforts to learnhow to write and read. He talks of his slow handwriting, which isragged. Moreover, he has mentioned that he copied everythingincluding the punctuation marks. This is an indication that he wasnot literate but learned most of the things while imprisoned.


MalcolmX’s narrative signifies the impact of learning how to read andwrite. From his experience, it is clear that education helps peopleto gain knowledge, which can transform their lives positively.Moreover, the narrative demonstrates that learning enables people todevelop perspectives about the world. With education, one canchallenge an oppressive regime. The educated are well-positioned tofight for the rights of the oppressed in the society.