Management Skills in Healthcare

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ManagementSkills in Healthcare

Managementin healthcare requires individuals to apply relevant skills toenhance performance. Each employee in an organization is assigned aspecific task that aligns with his or her professionalqualifications. Managers are needed to understand and use basicmanagement principles to solve issues that may arise in theorganization (Swayne, Duncan, &amp Ginter, 2012). The paperdiscusses basic management principles and outlines informationmanagement roles that relate to management activities.

Theresignation of the employee could be solved using other ways apartfrom recruiting a new one. ROI services can be outsourced to anexternal provider who is competent with the involved tasks.Outsourcing means that the organization will not rely on an internalemployee for ROI service delivery (Swayne, Duncan, &amp Ginter,2012). Moreover, interns in the coordinator`s office can be equippedwith the relevant skills and used to offer the ROI services. Theinterns have the basic skills, and little efforts would be needed toperfect their capabilities.

I would inform the business office manager that the employeeresponsible in solving the ROI issues had resigned and the serviceswould resume immediately after the replacement. Besides, I wouldinform the manager about alternative methods that could solve theissue. The report needs to include evaluations of the organization`sinvestment. The net profit and cost of investments should be outlinedin the report to help in adjusting the portfolio (Swayne, Duncan, &ampGinter, 2012). Since the inpatient coder must be serviced, I wouldacquire a suitable individual to assist in compiling the report. Iwould explain the issue to the coder and seek for patience during theservice delivery.

Inconclusion, management skills help managers and other healthcarepersonnel to solve service delivery issues. The resignation of anemployee creates a gap that should be closed immediately for thesmooth running of healthcare organizations. Knowledge of basicmanagement principles facilitates decision-making in case problemsarise in the healthcare sectors.


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