Managing Violence in Healthcare

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ManagingViolence in Healthcare

ManagingViolence in Healthcare

Manypeople have been subjected to various forms of violence and abuse. Inthe United States, approximately 55,000 people die because ofviolence injuries annually (Jeanne,Tina, Rosa &amp Jacquelyn, 2013). The major violence injuries arehomicide, assault, and suicide. Violence affects many people in thesociety. For each person who succumbs to violence, many more sufferprolonged physical, social, and psychological effects (Wolff, 2010).The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that interpersonalviolence is a public health concern that requires sufficientattention from health professionals for example, Registered Nurses(RN), physicians, health policy makers, and health administrators(Jeanne, Tina, Rosa, and Jacquelyn, 2013). The essay explains how aRegistered Nurse can improve the healthcare outcomes of individualssuffering from pain, injuries, trauma, or infections caused byviolence and physical abuse.

Asa Registered Nurse, I handled several cases of assault. Assaultinvolves causing intentional physical harm to another person. Onesignificant assault case that I encountered is a young female patientwho was assaulted by her father during a domestic disagreement. Shehad injuries on her head caused by a blunt object. Her mother broughther to the hospital for medical care. The mother stated that herhusband is addicted to alcohol, and is always violent when drunk. Perhospital/ER policy, I reported the case to the child protectiveagency, in-house social worker, and the police department in thelocation of the incident. Diagnosis and treatment were initiated totreat the injuries. The social worker is responsible for providingresources and counseling. The social worker also collaborates withthe Police officers for everyone`s safety (Stanhope &amp Lancaster,2013). If I had sufficient understanding, I would have collaboratedwith the social worker for further interventions, for the patient tohave home visits, follow-up calls, and emotional support. Also, it isimportant for the parent to have education on strategies ofproblem-solving, and education on parenting.

Iam interested in studying two critical nursing chapters. One chapteris Genomics in Public Health Nursing. Registered Nurses are expectedto apply the concepts of genetics and genomics to enhance healthcare.The other chapter is Poverty and Homelessness. Nursing practitionersare expected to improve the health outcomes of low-income households.This is through providing affordable health services and encouragingpeople to have affordable health insurance.

RegisteredNurses have a critical role of providing high-quality healthcare tovictims of violence. They have to ensure that the patients are givenproper medication and counseling services to enhance recovery. Thenursing practitioners must liaise with the hospital administratorsand law enforcement officers to ensure effective recovery and safetyof patients.


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