Manifest Destiny Westward Expansion

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ManifestDestiny: Westward Expansion

ManifestDestiny, in the 1880s, was a terminology used to illustrate thewestward expansion of the United States into regions such as Oregon,California and Texas. During the late 19thand 20thcenturies, there was a broadly underlying common belief thatAmericans, referred to as chosen people at that time, had stronglyinspired a mission to widely extend out the fruits of their nationaldemocracy to individuals who were less fortunate such as NativeAmericans as well as non Europeans. Most advocates of expansion wereDemocrats, and manifest destiny was extensively applied to Americaninterest in the Caribbean as well as the Pacific, having the sameelements as the practice of imperialism. There are several manifestdestiny factors that urged Americans to move westwards

Firstof all, when John L Sullivan came up with the phraseManifest Destiny, hewas expressing his general American desire as well as mission to ruleover from the Atlantic to the pacific. For that reason, this destinywas viewed by many American in romantic and racially desirable terms.Manifest Destiny was also supposed to bring civilization as well asgood governance to the entire American west. Therefore, in order tomake the desire and mission of ruling from the Atlantic to thepacific happen, the United States did everything in their capacity bymoving farther westwards.

Aswell, the formulation of a cornerstone American foreign policy in1820s brought so much success to Manifest Destiny of America. Thecornerstone was the Munroe Doctrine that helped in the paving way forthe acquisition of vast territories by Americans. Formulation ofMunroe Doctrine was a response to European maneuverings for territoryon the North American continent (Mountjoy, 37). The doctrine fullyhindered European countries from any form of establishing newcolonies in the Americas, facilitated continued neutrality of the USin European wars and affairs, and prevented European nations withoutcolonies in the Americas from intervening in the affairs ofindependent American states. Therefore, the doctrine gave the US somuch power to acquire vast territories westwards.

Inaddition, the other Manifest Destiny factor that facilitatedexpansion of American westwards was the Missouri Compromise. Thecompromise revolved around the complicated issue of slavery and howslavery directly related to western expansion a situation thatheavily threatened to divide the young republic (Mountjoy, 37). Thecompromise maintained the balance between Free states as well asslave states in the Senate leading to the United States acquiringadditional western lands. At the same time, the spirit of ManifestDestiny resulted in terrestrial expansion, and the broad expansion,in turn, heightened the issue of slavery to greater significance thanbefore. For that reason, the persistent problem eventually resultedin the divisive and calamitous Civil War.

Also,natural human drive for sex was another contributing factor to theexpansion of America westwards across the entire continent, eventhough not a major motivating factor. The process was generallyreferred to as the fulfillment of the Manifest Destiny. The naturalhuman drive sex played a critical role in the expansion because afterthe civil war, there were several people involved in industrialtechnology, development of the corporation and construction oftranscontinental roads. It was during these works that peopleinteracted in order to satisfy their natural drive for sex.

Furthermore,the Manifest Destiny agitation of the 1840s was fabricated andmanipulated by politicians so that it mobilized public support forthe strategic goal of denying Britain influx or even control oversignificant ports of San Francisco and San Diego including the Straitof Juan de Fuca squarely located on the west coast. Denial of Britaingave America huge boost and chance to take over vast lands andterritories because America had so much influence, power andauthority in doing whatever it wanted.

Inconclusion, manifest destiny was a phrase by John Sullivan expressingthe desire and mission of America to rule from the Atlantic to thepacific. There were several factors that facilitated the destiny suchas natural human drive for sex, manipulation and fabrication frompoliticians, the Missouri Compromise and the Munroe Doctrine.Fulfillment of the manifest destiny by America’s expansion of thewest just served to show how influential and powerful the UnitedStates is over other nations.


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