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Marketingand Sales


Marketingand Sales

Accordingto Tamara’s and Wim’s journal, “Sales–marketing encroachmenteffects on innovation,” marketing and sales roles in business haveundergone a lot of changes in the last decades (Keszey &amp Biemans,2016). In this case, sales have become more strategic taking uppositions that for a long time has been preserved for marketing(Keszey &amp Biemans, 2016). It has been found that sales haveassumed the marketing tasks due to the enhancement by interfacerelation and the sales capabilities. Customer involvement in theprocess has influenced the effect of marketing success and thesubsequent results in the organization`s productivity. I agree withthe author’s assertion that clear focus on marketing strategies andan understanding of the customers’ needs are effective ways forpromoting successful innovation in any organization. In this paper,the changing role of the sales will be analyzed as well as itsimpacts on the performance of today’s businesses.

Thejournal’s author says that there is a connection between sales andmarketing as well as customer involvement and financial success ofthe firm. Based on this assertion, it’s clear that the overallsuccess of the businesses today is attributable to the changing rolesof the sales functions. As evident in the article, this evolution ofthe sales department has led to a decline in the input of themarketing approaches in the businesses. The companies’ managementpersonnel are continually shifting their concerns from marketingtheir products to the strategies intended for sales promotion.

Despitethe clear evidence of these changes, I tend to agree with the author.The marketing strategies are intended for the promotion of sales andthe overall profit of the company. Therefore, it would be wrong toassert that any company would be financially stable by failing tomarket its commodities. Marketing creates awareness of the commodityamong the potential buyers. Eventually, this knowledge generatesextra income to the company due to the increased number of committedbuyers.

Althoughthe journal campaigns for marketing roles in businesses, the authorpoints out that the two functions are essential in the enhancement ofefficiency and performance (Keszey &amp Biemans, 2016). I agree withthis idea because both the marketing and sales team needs to worktogether in achieving a common objective. The principal aim of thisassociation is business growth and innovation. It is important tointertwine marketing and sales process of planning so as to reachproper alignments in the firms. Neither sales nor marketing can standindependently within a company. Assessing sales and marketingobjectives like targets on revenue collection, budget estimates, anddetermining sales and marketing strategy like investments, businessplan and resources are essential for business success.

Salesoperation and marketing activities are in recognition of datamanagement the journal has failed to address this significantaspect. The pressing issues of data validation and duplication in thesales and marketing database should be addressed in subsequentjournals. Appropriate approaches to improving data management thatincludes assessing data sources would go a long way to improving,encouraging, and positioning businesses as innovative. Encroachmentof marketing roles or sales roles by the other should not be promotedin totality.

Inconclusion, it’s evident that the journal acknowledges theintrusion of sales into the marketing roles. The Journal also citesthe negative impacts that are associated with this intervention. Theallowance of the sales to take over the functions of marketing suchas planning, customer satisfaction, and market potential analysisresults in decline in the business’ revenue. Therefore, aresult-oriented manager in any business should discourage thisencroachment. Lastly, innovation is essential for any business inthat it’s set to face other competitors in the market. Hence,marketing and sales should collaborate.


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