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Marketing Business Strategy adopted by Apple 7


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MarketingBusiness Strategy adopted by Apple

Appleis a global technology giant with its headquarters situated inCupertino in the state of California, United States of America. Thefirm design, develop, and sell consumer electronics such as mobilephones and computers. Apple was established by Steve Jobs, SteveWozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976, with a principal objective ofdeveloping and selling computers. Today, the company has evolved anddiversified its production of electronics to take care of theconsumer demands that have changed based on technologicaladvancements over the years. Apple is ranked among the top innovativeand ingenious technology companies in the world. Accordingly, theessay examines apple’s marketing strategies, which attributes tothe firm’s massive growth.

Apple’smarketing strategies compare to an onion where separate individuallayers come together to create the whole picture. Apple’smanagement ensures that at every stage of the product`s developmentthere is an incorporation of input, ideas, and evaluations from thefirm’s technocrats and the consumers. Apple`s marketing departmentis comprised of the company personnel and the customers. Thecompany’s success can be attributed to the combination of social,marketing and psychological tactics to rally its probable consumersaround a standard course (Wyner, 2017). The firms develop productsthat make a statement about the users because their input has beenfeatured in the product, this is the primary reason why millions ofAmericans wait in long queues at Apple stores to purchase theirfavorite electronic gadgets. Apple developed a commercial in 1984which spoke to the entire generation. The advert urged the probableconsumers to break the status quo and think different (Keller, 2017).The following are the core marketing strategies adopted by this giantfirms to command a big market share in the world.

Communicatefrom Inside Out

Applesadopt a method communication which is different from that of otherplayers in the market. The founder of this firm observed that manycompanies choose the ‘golden circle,` majority of the marketingstrategies contain three questions what? Why? And How? (Soat, 2017).All the existing business firms know what they do, a small proportionof them know how they do it, only a handful of the firms know whythey do their primary function in the business. The founder Applefound out that very few organizations the reason why the organizationcame into existence .the old golden circle marketing strategy startswith ‘what’ ends with ‘why’ (Soat, 2017). Apple`s goldencircle begins with ‘why’ and ends with ‘what.` Apple’smarketing strategy first explain the reason behind everything thefirm do, the target message in their policy explain that the companyexists to challenge the status quo and to think differently. Thedevelopment of the powerful core belief system in the reason behindapple’s success in the market (Iupindia, 2017). The establishmentof the powerful message enabled the firm to sell other electronicsapart from computers which were the primary product.

Strategyto Reach Early Adopters

Technologyfirms must have enough reach to cross over the tipping point in themarket combined the ‘early adopters’ with the ‘early majority’in the consumer market. Apple marketing strategy ensures that it hasappeased the technology enthusiast to the extent that they become theambassadors of its products to new markets (Greenspan, 2017). Appleachieved this by providing products with personalized engravings andequipping elementary schools with iPad. The strategy above ensurethat the message about Apple’s core values is spread to earlyadopters at the elementary level to trends setters and eventually tothe rest of the world.

AppleStrive to Understand the Needs of the Consumers

Appleadopted the iMac technology in the 1990s to make it easy for its userto have access to the Internet by just plugging their lines on thegadget. Apple understood that the consumers want something easy touse and eye-catching at the same time, Adoption of iMac technology onthe firm’s electronic devices made their products enticing tointernet users. Apple decided to tap new markets by reinventing theway people used to look at their music files and enabling Applegadgets to be synchronized with personal computers (Adams, 2016, p.348). The new feature of Apple enabled personal computers users toaccess and listen to their music without the need for a Mac (Khan,Alam, and Alam, 2015, p. 961). The new invention of Apple made itdear to many users as it served their needs, Apple had discoveredwhat people want, and it capitalized on that.

Makeit Easy for People to Change

Changingpeople’s perception to try out new technology is a hard task forany technology firm in the market. Apple has overcome this hard taskmaking its marketing message revolve around the question ‘why?’(Fogliasso and Williams, 2014, p. 493). By doing this, Appledeveloped a brand base of people who believe in its core reason forexistence. Marketing adverts for this firm explain why they engage inthe production of electronic devices, this is done when marketing forproduct design, features and comparing Apple’s gadgets with thosefrom other technology firms. Apple develops a marketing message thatspeaks to consumers and convinces them that why Apple concentrated onthe production of technology devices. This approach by Apple endearsthe consumers to believe in the firm by giving them the reason to doso, and thus making easy for them to change and try out Appleproducts.

Inconclusion, Apple modification of the golden marketing circle with anaim to get a deeper understanding of the consumer needs, to reachearly adopters and make it easy for users to adopt change. Thestrategies above are attributed to the firm’s tremendous success inthe electronic gadget world market.


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