Marketing Coursework

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Thelife experiences affect the perceptions that people have towardssituations and the society at large. The impact can either bepositive or negative depending on how the individuals relate whatthey see or hear in relation to the previous experiences. Forexample, I used to like yogurts, but due to poor storage, my attitudechanged when I found fungi in it twice and stopped taking itcompletely.

Thecustomer service providers are required to provide accurateinformation whenever a consumer or any other person makes an inquiryfrom them. However, if they are not sure of the question asked or ifthey lack the required answer, they should hesitate to say yes. Someof the barriers that prevent them from saying yes includework-related stress, poor working conditions, language, and culturalissues among others. I encountered a similar situation when I oncemade a phone call to a food company to inquire about a particularingredient in its products, but the attendant never gave me a directanswer and instead promised to call after a short period.

RFIDtechnology can be used to serve the customers better. When used onproducts, it contains all the information about it that clients mayneed to know. It gives them an opportunity to make decisionsespecially if they are socially responsible. The tags give thecompany detailed information that is critical in predicting thepurchasing patterns of consumers. On the other hand, it isdisadvantageous because RFID reveals the privacy issues about thepurchasing habits of the customers some of which are demoralizing(Finch, 2017). The technology is valuable when implanted in animalslike pets because it helps locate their whereabouts in case they getlost. In humans, it can still be crucial if only the security andprivacy issues are solved amicably. They are unethical to some extentwhen applied to human beings.

Inthe video “The Platinum Rule” Tony Alessandra states “do untoothers as you would have them do unto you.” He develops this rulefrom the golden rule. Alessandra says that we should treat others theway they want to be treated. This means that we should teach peoplein the ways that are easier for them to follow. When an individualwants to be treated in a particular manner, he will communicatethrough signals. Communication skills play a crucial role in theplatinum rule because they help do to others as they want to betreated. This is true in marketing because the customers willcommunicate in a special way they want to be treated.


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