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Organizingthe Function for the New Program

Createa Sales Plan

Thedocument (sales plan) is the backbone of the entire process oflaunching the product. It will entail the information regarding salesgoals, related activities, target market, and the timelines. As amarketer, the plan will enable me to know where to start so as toachieve the final objective. Factors such as marketing research andpricing can act as essential guidelines (Kahn, 2014).

Buildingthe Market

Thefirst step is to sell directly to consumers so that the organizationcan have first-hand information on how the consumers are respondingto the new product. The feedback will enable the hospital to refineand package the product as desired so as to meet the customer needs(Kahn, 2014).


Accessingthe market population through the social media platforms is easy. Thecompany can use Facebook, Twitter, and other sites to advertise thenew product. Creating a YouTube channel will enable the organizationto give a brief explanation where people can subscribe to get moreinformation. Furthermore, using affiliate marketing strategy canallow the hospital to advertise the new products in differentwebsites (Kahn, 2014).

PossibleObstacles in the Process


Launchinga new product entails accurate marking of every functional aspect ofthe company. Lack of focus on things such as dates, roles, personnel,and projects will cripple the whole process. It is a challenge for agrowing organization that has management and staff problems (Tracey,Heide &amp Bell, 2014).


is the principal purpose of a product launch. If the hospitalneglects the whole concept, there are shortcomings that it will facein the long run. Putting these efforts later in the productdevelopment phase will have a little impact on the product launch(Tracey etal. 2014).

ProgramAspects Necessary for Success


Startingearly is the whole idea of time management. Early preparations willenable the marketing team to be ready before the time for productlaunching. As a deputy marketing manager, it is my responsibility toensure that the organization starts to get ready, two months beforethe real day. Such will give us time to correct the possible errors(Allen, 2015).

Workingwith Industry Analysts

Establishingan early relationship with these experts will enable us to work usingthe best industrial practices that will meet the market standards. These professionals are conversant with the market trends anddynamics necessary for success (Allen, 2015).

Involvethe Right Partners

Keyplayers on the market who have a financial stake and influence in thebusiness should be present during this period. These individuals willspread the information about our new product line to the entiremarket, thus increasing the chances of success (Allen, 2015).

Howto Utilize Focus Groups

Insteadof using the regular surveys to collect data, focus groups willenable the Department to gain an insight on the response ofconsumers concerning the need for the new product. Unlike the surveyswhich have fixed questions, people in focus groups can be able tobrainstorm and give a different dimension of any idea in thediscussion (Babin &amp Zikmund, 2015).

Iwould use these groups in market research to capitalize on theability of the decision-makers to talk to potential clients directly.From such discussions, I would be able to gain more knowledge aboutthe brand and the product. The information from these events willenable my team in the preparation process discussion (Babin &ampZikmund, 2015). The market variables that are likely to affect theaccuracy of information by using other means of market research willnot be a case in focus groups. I will ensure that the discussionsprimary objective remains to be the new product line discussion(Babin &amp Zikmund, 2015).

CompetitiveAnalytical Strategies to Employ

Nurturingan Analytics Culture

Ifan organization adopts the culture of analytics, it will advance indata management processes and growth of talents. With thesecapabilities, it will be easy to integrate business analytics andinformation management into a major strategy for the firm`s success(Wedel &amp Kannan, 2016).

Becominga Data Provider and a Data User at the Same Time

Theorganization should be able to produce reliable information about thefuture of the industry. Instead of offering the ideas for the market,we should be able to use the same information to position thishospital in a competitive position for the future (Wedel &ampKannan, 2016).

AskingHard and Realistic Questions

Analyticalinnovation entails developing best tools that can give accurate andreliable responses. Questions, in this case, provide a roadmap forthe continuous improvement of the whole system in the business. Itwill also enable the management to set both short and longerachievable goals (Wedel &amp Kannan, 2016).

Quantitativeand Qualitative Data Sets Incorporated Market Research

Inconclusion, the quantitative data sets that our department can useduring a marketing research include the values or counts such as thenumber of people, units of products, and the cost in dollars. Theyare expressed as numbers. Qualitative data sets are measures oftypes. In our marketing research, we shall use names of geographicallocations and cities. We shall also use occupations and main economicactivities (Babin &amp Zikmund, 2015).


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Anybusiness needs constant monitoring and evaluation as a way ofensuring that the activities being undertaken within it are in linewith the business policies and terms of service (Lockyer2013).The 7 Ps are a strategic formula applied by many organizations andinstitutions with the effort of creating a streamlined manner ofevaluation for a successful operation. The seven include price,people, product, promotion, packaging, place, and positioning. Beingin the hospitality industry, the Sheraton group of hotels had toupgrade itself to be able to handle the different kinds of peoplethat visit their hotels for services. All the services offered bySheraton Hotels are unique and classy, and very well identified withthe rich and elites of the society (Ashton2011, p. 276).They know what their customers want, exactly how to give it to themthrough the application of the 7 P’s of marketing, and it is whathas made them so unique and distinct. Methodsof promoting sales for product types and services, and theinterrelationship to broaden company strategies

Thejourney to the top has not been as smooth for Sheraton as many peoplewould want to assume. For starters, there were a lot of things theyhad to forgo and do without to keep up with the demands of a growingbusiness enterprise (Akroush2011).When it comes to place, the Sheraton hotels have always ensured thatthey select the best locations to set up their business. Being thatthe target is aimed at tourists and travelers, they have ensured thattheir hotels have been built up within beautiful, serene environmentsthat would capture the attention of all. Given the beauty of a place(location), the price will matter less for people who are out to havefun and a good time. Sheraton group of hotels conduct theirpromotions through various adverts carried out on media and socialsites giving out offers and further advertising their services.

Sheratongroup of hotels have managed to create a name (brand) for themselvesover the years and successfully managed to influence masses of peoplethrough their unique branding system (Ashton2011, p. 280).Sheraton offers a direct kind of marketing to their customers, andthis has added some personal touch to their services leavingcustomers feeling important and appreciated. It is how they wereinitially treated that makes the customers want to come back oftenfor more similar services and treatments. The pricing for Sheratonhotel is also slightly fair compared to the service that you will getin return for it. To get everyone accommodated, this group of hotelshas gone out of its way to offer discounts on the sale of servicesoffered on a regular basis to encourage more visits and newexperiences for new clients. Focus on customer satisfaction is soevident as the hotels often conduct researches on what its customerswant, and focus developments focused in that direction. Employeesfound at all Sheraton hotel branches are equally well trained andskilled to keep up with the demands that are expected of them,particularly in their line of duty. All these 7 P’s efforts appliedby Sheraton hotels are fruitful as they build upon the companies`rapport and create further room for expansion.

Marketplan for Sheraton Hotels and Resorts

Productsand services

Theintroduction of a gymnastic that is fully equipped with up to datemodern equipment for general exercise and fitness will be among thenew range of products services that Sheraton is aiming to introducein all of its branches. Sheraton will also seek to include a teambuilding service program that will target specific organizationsworking together to reduce tensions and improve work output. Theservices will be set at an affordable pricing that is enticing enoughfor organizations to bring their workmates.


Theservices will be distributed through direct sales as customers willbe given a chance to interact freely with the person or office withinwhich they are buying their services. This will give the customer apersonal touch to the service being offered and most likely createwithin them a feeling of belonging.

Competitiveprofile/ Pricing and Strategy

Despitefacing a lot of competitions from other hotels offering similarproducts and services like Sheraton, including other complimentaryservices will put us on a higher profile in the hospitality industry.This is to say that Sheraton will now include a travel agency companythat will hire out vehicles to visiting customers and take them for atour of the respected countries. The best way to market Sheratonwould be through media and use of the internet. A personalizedwebsite will be updated on an almost daily basis while groups andpages created on Facebook and Twitter to advertise the servicesfurther.

Actionplan and financial projections

Sheratonwill set up a team of skilled professionals to head each sector ofthe various departments that exist within the organization. Skilledpersonnel will bring out the professionalism that is required whileat the same time ensuring that everything is done to perfection. Adefined budget and assignment should be allocated to each sector anda monthly evaluation is done to monitor progress and identifypotentail areas of improvements.


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