Marriage and Society

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Marriageand Society


Marriageand Society

Thetheoretical perspectives on families are represented in a number ofdifferent ways that can be seen in the day to day lives ofindividuals. The two most common theoretical representation involvesthe macro and micro level theories. These is seen among variousfamilies in the social media, movies, television or even the bible.One of television series that has a family that brings out this wholeidea is Empire. The Lyon family has a lot of ways through which itshows macro and micro-theoretical perspectives of a family are wellbrought out from the play itself.


Thistheory looks at how much a family tries to meet its basic needsthrough observation of the rules, structure and various roles takenjust as seen from Lucious Lyon a character who followed these valuesto the later. Earlier in the program, different responsibilities andthe family structure on who needs to inherit the families businesswas all dependent on the ability to follow the rules and display(Christine and Theodore, 2014).These Macro levels theories are seen in different ways such as:

a.Family Ecology Theory

Consideringthe fact that Lucious Lyon and his longtime divorced wife Cookie Lyonlived in a crime prone environment, it is evident how much that hasinfluenced the family. The extent these two would go to see thingswork their way show how their earlier environment influenced thedevelopment of the family. Lucious even killed the brother in lawjust to have power. Hakeem Lyon who in a long time was the favoriteof the brothers displayed these characters, therefore, showing how hewas influenced by his dad.

b.Structure Functionalism Theory

Thesetheory tries to show the relationship between the family members andthe society. The place has Lucious Lyon and family dominate the musicindustry, therefore, giving them access to meet a lot of rapsuperstars.

c.Conflict Theory

Thedivision of the family comes from the conflict theory, and that isbased on who thinks is the best if given the Lyon Empire. That hasgot the wife of Andre coming up with conflicting ideas about thematter. Lucious and the step wife are not often in good termsconsidering the fact that they hold different ideologies on thefamily business leadership. Cookie believes Jamal needs to be thebeneficiary while Lucious thinks Hakeem is fit for that.

d.Feminist Theory

Thistheory is well brought out from the program considering the fact thatall the wealth came from Cookies sacrificing years in thecorrectional facility. Even though the relationship with theex-husband is a little shaky, it is evident that she is given theoutmost respect she desirers.


Thisaspect is more of the relationship between the family members and notabout the surrounding society them. These involve:

a.Symbolic Interaction Theory

Thistheory is very important to the program since it shows therelationship between Lucious Lyon and his three sons. The leadershipfor the empire is symbolic since all most all the three sons werelooking forward to get it. Turns out there is no peace among thebrothers since the empire inheritance it is of aim to all.

b.Social Exchange theory

Theways through which Hakeem and Jamal have been groomed show socialexchange family theory. Despite the son’s difference, the fatherand mother did all they could to keep them at their best in terms ofmusical talent. The primary goal of all these is to make a name forthem as well as generate revenue that will surpass the cost incurred.

c.Family System Theory

Lookingat the life of Jamal Lyon who was a gay child it is evident how thistheory is well brought out. Despite the rejection he received fromhis father, cookie embraced the theory and managed to assist Jamal inavoiding isolation hence helping a lot of people understand him. Thewhole family with the exception of the father existed as an emotionalunit that understood Jamal (Humphrey,2016).

Inconclusion, the play shows a lot of theoretical perspectives onLucious Lyon family through the various macro and micro leveltheories manifestation. The explanation of each segment and howindividual members of the families, as well as the surroundingsociety, show how much effective the theories apply. .


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