Mass Participation and Fashion

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The rise ofsocial media and blogs has been very pivotal to various sectors ofbusiness and especially the fashion industry. Blogs and social medialplatforms such as Tumblr and Instagram give people a chance of massparticipation as well as sharing of information regarding fashionstyles. Fashion blogs and social media platforms have been used forthe social comparison of the different products that are availablewhile allowing the people to comment on the changes that would makethe products better. By the use of social media, communities caninteract, collaborate and participate on discussing designs, whichmakes the fashion industry trendier. While the platforms encouragenetworking among fashion gurus, it also changes the way designersthink and create due to the comments they get from the social mediacommunities and participants (Sellors,2014).


The above imageis a clear indication of how designers have been able to leverage onsocial media platforms to share their work and interact with themasses. The pictures indicate how designers can be able to createdialogues with mass participants as a way of ensuring that theyimprove their brands. By providing pictures, designers are able tonote the reaction of masses on the designs they have lately created.The platforms allow mass participation where consumers can air theirsentiments and allow designers to make amendments with a way ofimproving their offerings. The social media platforms have,therefore, made it easier for mass participation on matters regardingcollaboration and interaction with a way of improving the fashionindustry. With the rise of social media and blogs there has beengenuine interaction between clients and brands.


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