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It is with great pleasure that I draft this letter in a bid to securea chance for the admission of a master’s program at your reputableinstitution. I am a female practicing nurse working with thepsychiatric unit at the moment. My wealth of experience dates backwhere I worked at a nursing home for a year. Moreover, I rendered myservices in the medical-surgical unit ofthe same hospital for a recognizable period. As an added advantage,the experience has enhanced my technical nursing skills,and I believe I am ripe enough to pursue the program. Furthermore, Ipossess exceptional and likablesoft skills that I believe are good for myentire study period at the institution (White, 2012).

I have a grasp of technicalities such as the mental statusexamination of psychiatric patients, an understanding of most of thedrugs needed for general patients, the psychologicalprowess of evaluation, computer and typing skills, research skills,an understanding of nursing theories among other health caretechniques. Some of the soft skills that Ipossess include excellent communication,teamwork, perseverance, empathy, good listening skills, altruismamong others. As such, the zeal to do better not only with myclassmates in the institution but also with the tutors is aboveboard. In this regard, I believe that my skills will be helpful forthe institution and the entire fraternityof health (White, 2012). For purposes of reference,if needed, I will gladly provide the details of the hospital incharges. Additionally, I am fully equippedwith the prerequisites of the program like fees and equipment.

I look forward to receiving your esteemed response hopefullydemonstrating acceptance of this application.

Yours Sincerely



White, N. (2012).Understandingthe role of non-technical skills in patient safety.&nbspNursingStandard,&nbsp26(26),43-48.