Meaning of “images of truth” by Robin J. Crews. What are the

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Meaningof “images of truth&quot by Robin J. Crews. What are thefundamental values associated with peace studies?

Indialectical terms, the greatest challenge in the modern world is tomake politics real, as Genest (123) says that in order to makepolitical institutions cope up with the demands of global market itmeans reforming and extending the umbrella for peace. Thus, thephrase Images of truth means the impact of peace globally. Inpresences of peace, there is tremendous growth of the economy,peaceful co-existence of societal members based on justice, andqualities of values which prevail within the robust legal system. Genest (176) explains that a situation of peace gives governmentopportunity to carry out activities which promote the economic growthof different economic sectors, instead of using a lot of finance tocampaign for peace. However, this only takes place in the presenceof peace. Genest (182) further explains that the essential value ofpeace study is peace. People carry their daily activities in a placewhere there is peace and in a peaceful manner.

Effortsof peace are focused on eliminating divergent ideas as well asappeasement of conflicts. Besides, the main aim of peace study isdependable in the interest of humanity that is involved. As aresult, for the world to attain economic growth there must be theexistence of peace among different countries in the world. Incidentsof violence should be avoided at any cost since it hinders economicdevelopment by displacing people (Genest 184). For example, in aplace where violence is anticipated, there are always outbreaks ofunfair trading, there is also a rampant abuse of human rights whichlead to unequal access to available natural resources. Moreover, lackof peace may result in unreasonable economic relations between twodifferent countries.

Tosum up, in this contemporary period, the most urgent and significantnational or international goal should be to preserve and protectpeace against hostile individual and communities.


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