Meaning of the Name Nhu

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While giving a child a name, it is essential to find out the meaningof the name. Names carry different meanings and can significantlyinfluence the life’s successes of a person. Giving children namesthat have derogatory meanings or are associated with violent andunsuccessful people can greatly affect their lives (Astoria, 2014).For example, the name Hitler is associated with war, violence, anddeath and it might be inappropriate for a child. The name Nhu is afemale name, whose origin is Vietnam. It is a three-letter word thatis common across the United States with over 2,600 people sharing thename.

The meaning of the name Nhu is “Alike.” Besides, the name hasbeen believed to mean “according to one`s wishes.” Many parentsprefer this name for their female children especially those withtheir origins in Vietnam. It is important to state that this femininename is associated with the colors blue and pink (Astoria, 2014).Children who are given this name are considered to be charming,sparkle and go-getters. It is a simple, short name that is preferredby many parents. Besides, research has indicated that the name isassociated with warmth and spirit, which is the reason many parentsprefer it.

The name Nhu has also been assigned the numerical number 7, which isrelated to understanding, logical, independent, and knowledgeablepeople. There are other similarly sounding names such as Neha, Nahi,and Nuha (Astoria, 2014). However, it is essential to note that thesenames have entirely different names. Even though the name originatedfrom Vietnamese culture, it is essential to note the name has becomewidely accepted across the world.


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