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MediaThat Informs

The media is supposed to deliver credible newsflash and information that reflects all the current happenings.However, if you take a good look at the sort of news they deliver,one could mistake it for a big joke since it rarely reflects what iscurrently happening across the covered channels. This triggers atheory that journalists normally construct what to deliver even itarises from the actual events. This paper will highlight the mainreasons behind this could be due to unavoidable constraints such aslimited resources and geographical focus.

A limitation in the availability of resourcesis one of the issues that affects news outlets[ CITATION Pot13 l 1033 ].Regardless of the size a news coverage channel, it can never amassthe required resources to cover substantial news across the globe.This is a problem amongst all the newschannels. Prioritizing the stories to cover is another issue. Newtechnological devices for covering larger sections of news areexpensive to purchase and maintain. The need for learning to usesthese new devices is on the rise thus necessitating news coveragefirms to pay more in terms of training expenses. The length of newsbroadcasts is also limiting considering that it has to be shortenough to ensure viewers do not get bored while being detailed enoughto cover major details. Efficient resource allocation comes across asthe other major issue. Mismanagement of resources often leads toconstructed news.

Geographical Focus is another constraint onnews coverage[ CITATION Kwa14 l 1033 ].Maintaining a geographical balance in the news coverage remains to bea big issue. News channels have to focus on new from the locale,across the globe and even the significant major happenings. However,most of the news channels tend to focus on the city they are locatedand its surroundings. This constricts the available information onmajor occurrences. Despite some channels covering news from outsidetheir geographical locale, most of them consider some areas asnewsworthy in comparison with others. This leads to leaving out ofcrucial information in the so-called news unworthy regions, as thechannels tend to focus on less important details in the newsworthyareas.

To sum up, we can note the essential role thatnews channel plays in the dissemination of information. However, itseems that news channels are not living up to the societyexpectations especially when they deliver constructed news. If thenews channels can overcome some of these constraints such asgeographical imbalances and resources limitation, then they wouldimprove their effectiveness while at the same time ensuring that thecitizens are well informed.


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