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Medical Informatics 1


In medical practice, information plays a critical in ensuring qualityservices are disseminated. Over the years, information technologyevolved rapidly especially with the availability of internetconnection. With internet technology becoming widespread and cheaplyaffordable to most of the population, a lot of medical information isdisseminated through this mean. Both medical practitioners andpatients have access to this information. However, the reliabilityand accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed. It is theresponsibility of medical practitioners especially nurses to ensurepatients get the most accurate, reliable, and up to date information.Leukemia is a type of blood cancer which develops when bone marrowmakes abnormal white cells. Due to its clinical manifestation andimpact on the patient, accurate and up to date information to boththe patient and medical practitioners is important. It is due to thissignificance that I took it to myself to analyze online informationavailable concerning the condition in relation to its accuracy,reliability, and new updates.

Website analyzed– UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

This site has information for consumers/patients. The site isappropriate for this group since it’s written in a simple languagethat is easy to read and understand devoid of hard medicalterminologies. The site is also quite easy to navigate and searchrelated information. However, the information is shallow and notdetailed. The information is credible since the site quotes theauthors and other credible sources. While the information availableis useful to the target group (consumers), it is not up to date inrelation to recent medical research in relation to the condition andwould be inappropriate for nursing practitioners.– American Association for Cancer Research

The site has information for medical practitioners. The site containsthe most recent and detailed information on current scientificresearch in relation to leukemia. The site is not easy to navigateand is best suited for people with prior experience using it. Theinformation contained here is credible and most accurate since it’sbacked with proven scientific studies and experiments. However, theinformation would sound mysterious to individuals without medicaleducation background since there is the use of medical terminologiesthat would be hard to comprehend. Most of the information availablewould be best suited for hematology specialist.


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