Medical Marijuana

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MedicalMarijuana Inc is an American firm that specializes in cannabinoidproducts. The company uses extracts to make pharmaceutical, food, andcosmetics products. It has a range of services such as medical clinicmanagement, development of wellness and health products. The medicalmarijuana market is growing by about 16 percent annually in the U.S.Most states in the country allow the use of the drug. There is agrowing trend where consumers are seeking alternative forms oftreatment such as therapeutic Cannabis sativa. The product iscategorized into two main groups, namely Sativa and Indica marijuanaproducts. These categories are meant to treat different diseases (MMJBusiness Daily, 2012).

Undertakingmarketing and promotional campaign are crucial to help the companyattain business growth and market share. Sales promotion and othermarketing functions entail being conveniently accessible to potentialconsumers at all times. Moreover, the increase in informed consumershas also made information gathering a pivotal factor in the race todevise new influencers that not only attract clients, but also enablebusinesses to deliver goods that meet customer standards. Thesuccessful implementation of the sales promotion plan will enhanceboost sales and brand loyalty as well as awareness.

Identifythe Target Audience

Targetaudience section addresses the ‘who’ to be reached by thecampaign. Due to the nature of its business, Inc.adopts the business to business (B2B) approach whereby, thetransactions are undertaken between the suppliers and theorganization. The marketing communication will target thedistributors of the commodity hence, the promotion elements shouldutilize a similar approach. Besides, the business will targetrehabilitation centers and hospitals where the smokers of medicalmarijuana are likely to be found. Inc will embarkon the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the state and localby-laws. The customers must be aged at least 24 years to qualify fortaking the product. Both men and women will be taken as prospectiveclients.

Determinethe Communication Objectives

Theaim of the marketing communication is to create brand awarenessthrough communicating the right information about the products to thepotential clients. The move is developed out of the need to win thecustomers` confidence. The Inc wants the shoppersto get instant feedback and engagement with the company throughoutthe entire period. During the campaign time, the organization hopesto communicate the characteristics and benefits of the merchandise,including the high quality compared to all other products in themarket. Effective advertising communication is essential to themaximizing of the firm’s sales. This is done by ensuring that thefollowing factors are achieved in the communication. It alsoguarantees that negotiations will go on in a speedy manner as everyparty will be fully aware of the role they play in the organization.

Designthe Communications

Successfulmarketing communication begins with a keen study of the audience inquestion. Analysis of the current clients helps the marketers tounderstand the reasons that influence clients to select a givenproduct and the services of a given organization. If there lacksenough data to form the picture required for the analysis, then theinvestigators could put a research plan in place so as to get all theinformation about the demographics and insights into when, where, andwhy people purchase the products they obtain. Given the inconsistentor contradictory messages the public receives about marijuana, it ischallenging for customers to have faith in the brand underconsideration. As such, it is vital to ensure that the businessalways takes one stand in whichever issue they are talking about. Thebrand voice is equally essential like the logo itself. Generating keypositioning statements is one of the ways of making communicationreliable. There could be key messages that the business should bedelivering at all times during the market communication. By doing so,people will rarely divert from the set course.

Selectthe Communication Channels

Thecommunication channels to use to reach out to the clients includeprint, electronic, and digital media. The company will have pulloutson the magazine to help in equipping people with the right messageabout medical marijuana. Television and outdoor advertisements willalso be considered to enhance the customers reached. We also considerthat social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube are crucialin enabling marketing functions. The company will make a clear andprecise budget for the activities listed in the commercializationcommunications (Shimp &amp Andrews, 2012).

Estimatethe Total Marketing Communications Budget.




Print media

Friday magazine



Weekend magazine


Outdoor media



Television adverts



Website Maintenance

official website


Digital media
















Decideon the Media Outreach.

Marketingcommunication of the brand should be done in such a way that itfollows a particular sequence. The internet advertisements will bethe first to start. Most times they are done even before the productis released into the market. It serves to inform the public of whatnew product is coming up. What makes the advertisement get more hitsis the quality of the commercial. Since most companies use YouTube todisplay new technological feats, this would be the one place tostart. The company will hire highly qualified graphic designers.Media outreach will consider the nature of information released tothe target market considering that people remain apprehensive aboutmedical marijuana.

Measurethe Results

Thesuccess of marketing communication will be evaluated through theassessment of sales, customer loyalty, clients’ traffic, andrevenue. The company will examine the inquiries and feedback from thetarget customers to measure the results and achievement in the salespromotion campaign undertaken through the various communicationchannels.

ManageIntegrated Communications

Theintegrated communications will comprise of the listed channels in thebudget. Effective management of the outlets is crucial to warrantbetter outcomes. Each of the strategies has distinct features andtarget group hence, the need to relay the right message (Yeshin,2013).


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