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TO:All Secretaries and Editors of Lawhub LLP

FROM:Michael Mikhonzar, The Senior Editor

March 15, 2017

SUBJECT:Proofreading Legal Forms and Other Documents.

Inthe last committee meeting, the management and senior directorsagreed on establishing a routine proofreading procedure to helpreduce errors in the documents we produce for presentation duringcourt proceedings and signing by the client in legal matters. Reasonbeing that there hasbeen a highrate of paper rejection by our attorneys and clients due togrammatical and formatting errors. According to Sauber (2015),these errors can lead to misinterpretation of the terms andconditions stated in legal forms and manuals.

Afterpreparing the legal forms, secretaries and editors are requested todo the following steps before forwarding them to the lawyers workingon cases.

  • Read aloud the content and slow to check the connection between phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.

  • Spell the names of a place, persons, and unfamiliar words slowly and consciously. For example, read Muhammad slow like M-u-h-a-m-m-a-d to ensure right spelling.

  • Check the symbols such as dollar sign, Capital letters, punctuation marks and the words requiring to be underlined or in italics.

  • Check the formatting particularly fonts, margins, and spacing

  • Check the entire document to induce consistency within the paper. For example, the name Catherine can be typed correctly in one sentence but as Catherene in another.

  • Check the omission of small words like a, the, of, and it.

  • Read the figures digit by digit

  • Finally, read down the document one more time before saving and printing it

Theprocess may look boring and tedious,but it can be easy. Also,secretaries are advised to keep the document for a couple of hours toproofreadonce more before submission. More importantly, proofreading skillsimprove with practice and time. Finally, please let forward anysuggestion on the ways to improve proofreading skills.


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