Merchant Seaman Career

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To whom it may concern

Ref: Reasons for becoming a Merchant Seaman

I am writing this letter to express my willingness to work as amerchant seaman. While this is a job that most people fail fear, I amconvinced that the job is right for me. I must admit that choosingthe career one wants to pursue for a lifetime is time consuming andconfusing at times. However, despite such hurdles, I have decidedthat I want a career as a merchant seaman. I would like to state thatthere are various reasons that informed my decision and they aredescribed in this letter.

Firstly, the job does not require extensive training and jobs arereadily available (Farrell, 2016). Furthermore, the pay package forseamen is high and even for entry level employees with salaries ofbetween $1500 and $2000 per month. I have expectations that I willget a job immediately I am done with my studies and start putting myskills into practice. Additionally, I expect to travel to variousparts of the world as a merchant seaman and meet numerous people fromdifferent cultural backgrounds. It is also my expectation that I willhave the opportunity to advance my career as a sailor and even becomea captain in later years.

I have researched and found out that there are several careerpositions available while aboard a ship. They are mainly divided intocategories namely personal care, engine work and ship maintenance,deckhand, and hospitality. A career in the sea can involve work inany of the following categories. It is essential to note that workersfrom all these departments who total up to 90 must work together as ateam (Hayler &amp Keever, 2013). Sea journeys can take up to sixmonths and therefore, excellent social skills, and teamwork arenecessary. Historically, the work of seamen was difficult as theywere expected to hand, reef and steer the ship accurately and safely.This has since changed due to advancements in technology (Wachsmann &ampBass, 2012). The above stated reasons among others have encouraged meto pursue this career. I hereby offer that this essay was written byme, and no one else.

Yours sincerely,



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