Mid-Term Exam IT

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Mid-TermExam IT

Mid-TermExam IT



Thisstrategy aims at achieving low cost as opposed to the firm`scompetitors. The information system can be used to acquire the lowestoperational cost, and as a consequence, lower price of products. Forinstance, there is incorporating of an efficient customer responsesystem in the company to link behavior of clients directly todistribution, production, and supply chain. It helps to lowerdistribution and inventory cost.


Utilizationof information system technology can enhance new goods and services,and substantially change the convenience of clients in utilizing thecurrent services and products. For instance, there is the use of masscustomization (computer-aided manufacturing system to customizeoutput) reduces workforce and increases the quality of goods product.

Focuson the Market Niche

Theinformation system can be used to concentrate marketing strategy to aparticular place and narrow the focus to the intended customersallowing the business to serve them in a better way than othercompetitors. It achieves this through the production and analysis ofinformation through finely tuned marketing techniques and sales(Shapiro &amp Varian, 2013).For instance, an information system with detailed data aboutcustomers can be used to analyze the most active sales’ regions andimprove their sales by offeringprivileges and attention.

StrengtheningClients and Suppliers Intimacy

Theinformation system can be used to tighten the link between vendorsand create an intimate relationship with their customers. Forinstance, some businesses use the information system to ease directaccess from suppliers to production plants and allow vendors tochoose how and when to move products (Marinagi, Trivellas, &ampSakas, 2014). Consequently, the linkage between providers andcustomers allow them additional lead time during production of goods,coupled with an increase in switch cost.



Theyare created by Google Inc. and use Android Operating System (AOS).Thus, Google Glasses are a form of wearable innovation with a displaythat is optically head-mounted. These glasses were created by GoogleX, which is a facility inside Google Inc. and devoted to theadvancement of technology. The Glasses present information similarlyto smartphones and in hands-free format(Knight, Gajendragadkar, &amp Bokhari, 2015).Communication between wearers of Glass is through the internet usingnatural voice commands. However, the range of effects of the usage isstill unknown. For instance, there is prolonged health effect andprivacy issues. It is evident in some places where these glasses havebeen banned for use.

GoogleTake Maps Offline

Withmany talks about cloud service and media streaming, in some regionsin the world, internet connection is scarce, limited or an expensiveresource. Fortunately, Google Inc. is enhancing its existing mapproduct to an offline state suitable for such customers(Padmavathy &amp Balakrishnan, 2014).It is adding both turn-by-turn navigation and search to their offlineapp mode. It will enhance the usage and reliance of the app in allregions.


GoogleInc. has solved a critical issue for the mobile users by allowingunlimited free photos and videos storage. It will be similar to the“unlimited” space that Google Inc. gives to all Gmails, and userswill store, view and organize their photos without incurring anyexpense.

Google’sContact Lenses

GoogleInc. is increasing its technological ambitions further by creatingsmart contact lens. However, this is different from Google glasses.This lens will be used to detect and transmit information regardingpeople with diabetes from their tears. More so, Google X is alsodeveloping these lenses. This technology will see Google Inc.diversifying to healthcare technology.



Cloudcomputing service can help one to lower costs in many sections suchas server maintenance, software licensing, power and cooling, andupgrading expense, among others. It is through the subscription ofsoftware and services at an affordable price rather than maintaininghardware that mostly remains unused(Arora, Parashar, &amp Transforming, 2013).Consequently, small investments can direct their budgets to importantissues. A such, cloud computing allows firms to scale up to meettheir increased demands and also scale down during slow periods bydeleting users.


Cloudservice has proven more reliable than similar services availablenowadays. It is especially significant on servers and relatedhardware that have aged. With dedicated and experienced supportstaff, cloud service providers are more likely to solve a problemquickly than a business with a limited IT support staff.


Cloud-basedservices allow a firm to concentrate on what it does best (operationof the enterprise). It is because servers are mostly located off-siteand are managed by experienced IT providers. With cloud computingresource being accessible on demand, the time required to access andget started with the use of this services is compressed to a minute(Avram, 2014).As a result, competition is pushing small firms to use these servicesto stretch their resources to other sectors.


Cloud-basedservice can be accessed anytime using any device connected to theinternet, a factor that creates great collaboration between abusiness and its remote employees. Application of cloud computing inbusiness allows coordinated collaboration of employees who may be indifferent regions. For instance, workers may access a messagingapplication over the internet and communicate with colleagues throughvideo, audio or web conferencing. Also, with reduced hardware, cloudcomputing has proved environmental friendly.


Adata warehouse is comprised of some databases that operate together.These storages make it possible to combine data from variousdatabases, which can assist in analyzing information(Dewan, Aggarwal, &amp Tanwar, 2014).Databases not only do they store information but also can be used bythe business during decision-making based on the saved information.This goal is achieved by creating an architecture and providing toolsthat can be used to organize and create meaning from variousdatabases.

Datamining is a technique for summarizing and analyzing data to extractuseful information (finding a pattern). Mining of data uses complextools to analyze and discover design and relationships in databases(Sathiyamoorthi, 2017).These tools do not only give a summary or use queries but are muchcomplicated in algorithm design. For instance, information analyzedby these tools can be used to detect fraudsters.

TheDHS can apply these techniques in the surveillance of any suspiciousactivities among citizen in various regions. It is through monitoringof the activities of multiple people using their electronic devicesthat are connected to multiple databases such as communicationdevices among ATM users.



Socialmedia is allowing information from the government to reach people atan accelerated rate. For instance, there is the newly designedgovernment print office site in the United States (US). In this site,many volumes of documentations are available. Another example iswhere Israel’s defense system has a YouTube channel reporting itsactivities(Gensler, Völckner, Liu-Thompkins, &amp Wiertz, 2013).However, social media can be used to rally propaganda or spread falseaccusation. The politicians use these platform for their selfishgain, which to an extent has caused problems among their supporters.

MultinationalFood Company

Socialmedia can be utilized by a firm to foster connectivity. A company canidentify new markets via social sites such as Twitter and Facebook(Perse &amp Lambe, 2016).A new employee can be contracted using education sites such asLinkedIn contacts. However, reviews from customers, which arenegative, can harm such a business. Most of the clients who havecomplaints will never call the business directly but instead usesocial media to post damaging information on the customer reviewsection. The more complaints registered, the more the firm’s publicrapport will suffer, thereby lowering its profits.


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