Module 2 Response MBA575

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Module2 Response MBA575

Response1 on Discussion 1

It is appealing the way Alanna plans for her organization as anexecutive. I appreciate the steps she wishes to take to avoid childlabor in her organization. I have witnessed most of the children inthe society face child labor. It is not because they are poor, but itis because the community does not care about them. The plans thatAlanna have are consistent with forms of preventing the child fromtorture. I like the way she is planning to involve the Department ofLabor Policies in doing away with child labor and giving restrictionson the requirements of employees (Schmitz, Traver &amp Larson,2014). The advice that she gives concerning her company’s stand onemployment is so encouraging to people to stop the abuse of humanrights. I enjoyed the part that concerned corporate socialresponsibility as it showed how organizations would help develop thecommunity. I have seen most of the companies that thrive well intheir operations indulge themselves in activities that are meant togive back to the society.

Response2 on Discussion 2

I concur with Ashley that child labor is a complicated. Among thechildren facing child labor in the community, a greater percentageconsists of the girl child. This observation is consistent withAshely`s explanation when she says that the girl child has very fewoptions to choose from and the manager ends up misusing them. I likethe idea of Ashley taking the managers for training as this can helpimprove their management skills as well as learning the rulesgoverning employment and child labor. I appreciate the idea of Ashleymeeting the managers to get the overview of the community. Themanagers will help identify the areas that the organization can carryout its social responsibility. It is so fulfilling to have amanagement that understands the law as it leads to the smooth runningof the organization.


Schmitz, C. L., Traver, E. K. J., &amp Larson, D. (2014). Childlabor: A global view. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press.