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SirWinston Churchill made the speech. It was after nine months sinceWinston failed to secure the seat of British Prime Minister and hewas accompanied by President Harry Truman as they traveled by trainto address a Congress (Larres, 2017). It was in 1946 in a smallMissouri town at the Westminster College where Sir Churchill had theprivilege to make this speech. Itwas also a time when Winston was being granted an honorary degreefrom the University (Larres, 2017). There was a population of about40,000 people and Churchill delivered the “Iron Curtain” speechwhich came to be recognized as one of his most famous.

InChurchill speech, he pronounced a descriptive phrase that said aboutthe descending of the iron curtain on the continent which resulted toa lot of surprise to Britain and the U.S (Churchill, 2013). Beforethe speech by Sir Winston, both nations that are U.S and Britainemphasized on their economies after the ending of the World War II bythe Soviet Union. Due to the remarks presented, the speech wasentitled the “Sinews of Peace” (White,2013). The connotation of this communication is that it changed theperception of the people from the West to those in the Communist East(Churchill, 2013). He presented the facts from his understandingbased on the current situation in Europe. He emphasized on the needto secure Russia on its Western boundaries through the elimination ofthe German oppression.

Thefact was that the speech was preparing the people of Europe on whatis expected next. Thecircumstance was that the Soviet would turn to be restrictive, thickand stiff as so the name “Iron Curtain” (White,2013). It was a talk that acted as a mark for the commencement of theCold War as it stated the settings of the Soviet Union and provided agreat understatement to those nations that are controlled. Thesituation was that the iron curtain was like a block that isimpenetrable and was not easy to open. He explained that the curtainwas based on USSR dominated regions and the division that it broughtto the Nato-sheltered Western Europe.


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