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1. Was Dr.Blalock a racist or a man who did as much as he could to help VivienThomas have a fulfilling career?

In the 1930s and1940s, most doctors would have shunned a black man without the properqualifications. Thomas was dignified since he was allowed to use thesame washrooms as the other white doctors at the facility. However,Dr. Blalock did not do all that he could to help Thomas enjoy afulfilling career. In this regard, the former refused to give Thomascredit for his work in the laboratory (TrueBlackHistory101, 2012).Dr. Blalock neither invited Thomas to social events nor paid him afair salary.

2. It is saidthat Vivien Thomas opened new paths to healing when most doors wereclosed to him. What is meant by that?

Thomas made asignificant contribution towards heart surgery. His passion andexpertise allowed new ways of surgery to be developed. However,racial discrimination hindered Thomas from acquiring medicalqualifications.

3. Dr. Blalockand Mr. Thomas were a team. What would have happened if either ofthem had not pulled his weight in the team effort?

If either of thedoctors had not pulled his weight, they would never have made thediscovery. The doctors acted as partners in that each professionalcontributed his expertise and abilities. The practitioners made equalcontributions towards the research. They were also proud of eachother’s solutions.

4. After Dr.Blalock and Dr. Taussig took full credit for the operation and didn`tgiven Mr. Thomas any credit, the character of Vivien Thomas in themovie says to Blalock: &quotI`m invisible to the world. I don`t mindthat. I understand that. I thought it was different in here.&quotWhat did he mean?

Blalock andThomas had collaborated together on the project irrespective of theirraces. They treated each other as equal parties within thelaboratory. Nevertheless, their cordial relationship did not extendbeyond the laboratory (TrueBlackHistory101, 2012). Thomas assumedthat their discovery was so important that he would get somerecognition.

5. What role didracism play in the fact that Dr. Blalock was able to keep VivienThomas as a lab assistant for so many decades and benefit fromThomas` work without giving him credit?

Racism played asignificant role in the fact that Dr. Blalock kept Thomas as hisassistant without giving him due credit. He did not consider Thomasas worthy of attending college and earning a medical degree.Furthermore, Thomas was viewed as undeserving of receiving credit forhis valuable contributions (TrueBlackHistory101, 2012). Black mencould not enjoy the same privileges as their white counterparts.


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