Movie review King Corn Movie

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Moviereview: King Corn Movie

Moviereview: King Corn Movie

Inthe American meals, corn is the most available ingredients in thefoods. It results in the production of very cheap food but withadverse negative effects on the human and livestock health (Duram,L.A, 2010). Ian and Curt take their hair for laboratory analysis thescientific result shows that the major component of their hair ismade of corn, an explanation given to them is that most of the foodswhich are taken and digested form major component the hair. Thisresult set the stage for them to investigate why corn forms thelarger component.

Theyrealized that most American fast food which is also known as cheapfood were primarily made of corn, due to this they decided to knowmore about the corn farm and so they started a journey to the ruralto plant corn and follow up where the corns ended up (Reichertz, W.J,2012). The film’s topic actually tells that the corn is king amongother crops grown in America because it forms the primary componentsof American food.

Thefilm highlighted some of the problems, which may result from therefined products of corn. The problems were environmental, social oreconomic. For instance, the small-scale farming of corn declined, ascorn was in high demand in America (King, S. 2016). Due to the riseof technology in the 20thcentury, Ian and Curt realized that they could use a machine to plantan acre of land in a very short while, there was a need for moreproduction and to achieve this, large-scale farming had to take root.The government also supported the large production of corn byproviding subsidies to the farmers this motivated the farmers toembrace the large-scale farming. This greatly affected thesmall-scale farmers hence renders them worthless in the cornproduction.

Lifeexpectancy of the American generation was a question of thought inthe film. The filmmakers say that the younger generation may have alower life expectancy than their grandparents may. This may resultfrom the kind of food they are eating (Duram, L.A, 2010). Ian Chaneysays that being well fed is not the same as being well nourished. Thegeneration depends on a lot in the cheap food with the mainingredient as corn, and this may not lead to good health because ofthe side effects of the corn, the finished products of corn containsa lot of sugar, this can cause an adverse effect in the body. Somediseases such as diabetes and obesity may result from too muchconsumption of sugary products.

Thefilmmakers did not stop at the point of production, but they decidedto follow up where the much-produced corn goes. While in thelivestock industry, they realized that most animals’ feedsoriginate from the corn (King, S. 2016). Corn is widely known for itseffect on the size of the animals. When fed to the beef animals, theymature faster to reach the slaughter weight. Even though the cornincreases the weight of the animals, it also has some side effects onthem. For example, when consumed in excess, it causes the acidosis inthe animal stomach the grain ferment and cause the production of anacidic gas and even leads to stomach ulcers. The livestock with thesekinds of effects needs many antibiotic drugs so relieve them from theside effects. The corn grains increases the proportion of fats in thebeef (King, S. 2016). When human beings consume these, they canenhance the level of fats in the human body, hence causing theobesity, because of the high level of fructose syrup made from corn.

Thetwo friends are not against the production of corn, but they areagainst the genetically modified corn, which seems to have many sideeffects than good, the corn grown contains a lot of starch, arewithout taste and they are genetically modified crops which are justmade for processing. The government supports the overproduction cornthough it is not edible and affects the public health (Reichertz,W.J, 2012). This is evidence when the government is giving subsidiesto the farmers, the genetically modified seeds, fertilizers and eventhe herbicides. These leads to faster growth of the corn to meet themarket demand of the factories. The film revealed that Chaney andEllis could have made a great lose in the acre land, but instead theymade a profit, because of the subsidies from the government.

Chaneyand Ellis interacted with different people during theirinvestigations for them to come up with the documentary one of thepeople is the laboratory scientist, the result obtained from theanalysis of the components of hair that set the foundation of thefilm (King, S. 2016). The scientist discovered that corn formed themajor components of the hair, the reason being that the two friendsconsumed much of corn in their diet. Ian and Curt then started aninvestigation to know how corn formed major parts of their meals.

Inthe cattle ranches, the livestock keepers expose the use of corn andits effect on animals. Ian and Curt found that the livestock fed onthe corn products and not the grass, these results in the fatteningof beef cattle and faster maturity for them to reach the slaughterweight. Nevertheless, this had a negative side effect on the animalscorn produced a lot of acid in the animals’ stomach, which caneventually cause death (Duram, L.A, 2010). When the fat cattle areturned into human food, they give a high content of fats, which causethe obesity in human. This is one of the unhealthy effects to theconsumers.

Theinteraction between the two friends and a farmer in Iowa depicts thekind of corn they are producing. The corns are not edible, and theyare not tasty, Ian and Curt try to eat the corn on the farm butinstead spit them out, suggesting that the corns are tasteless simplybecause they corns are genetically modified and are only meant forprocessing. The farmer refers to the corn as of low quality, “weare raising crap,” he said.

Ianand Curt pays a visit to Earl Butz, who was the former secretary ofagriculture, he (Earl Butz) said that their secret weapon againstfood insecurity as Americans is the corn. This exactly reveals whyfast food in America is cheaper (King, S. 2016). Earl also exposedthe intricacy of farm policy, which led to the collapse of thesmall-scale farming. The corn syrup distributors revealed that mostof the drinks contain corn, especially the high sugary corn syrupthat has a negative effect on human life.

Inconclusion, the filmmakers give a strong view on the health effectsof corn this tends to be the strongest point in the film because itleaves the viewers in dilemma of making the choices on the kind ofmeals they need to eat. It is surprising that the corn is encouragingthe growth of corn, which had a negative health effect on Americans.The camera in most situations focused on one person only, this is oneof the weakness encountered in the film.


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