Movie “Split” Review

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Movie“Split&quot Review

Thesplit is a thriller movie performed in 2016 by the Americanpsychological horror that was written by M. Night Shyamalan. Themovie unfolds in a single setting drama where all the strengths aregiven to the storyteller through the creation of tension and suspenseas the movie goes on. When one watches the movie, various scenes arevery sharp and create a sense in a person which is claustrophobia. Itis evident in the creation of corridors which are narrow(Shyamalan, M. et al. 4).Themes in the movie explore effects of mental conditions that Kevinsuffers from, and as the name suggest, it can split those who watchit when considering how it subverts in mental or physical conditionsof a person.

Inthis movie, Casey Cook who is an outsider at her high school getsinvited to attend a party organised by her friend celebrating herbirthday. On their way back home, they get a ride, and it is at thispoint where things start to shift and take a wrong direction. Withina short time, the day turns out to be awkward as the anticipatedsocial event comes with challenges where Casey and her other friends,that is Claire and Marcia get kidnapped by a person they do not knowwho drives them to his home. It happens in a way that they are notable to get into contact with any other people for help as they donot even understand their is a devastating experiencethat one would never imagine of as it lowers a person`s culturalintegrity.

Asthe movie reveals, the three young women got kidnapped by a mancalled Kevin. He is a man who poses personalities not less thantwenty-three with different ranges such as obsessive –compulsiveand goes along to matriarchal Patricia together with boyish Hedwig.They are in a place which seems to be a prison whereby theirstruggles for escape continues but end in vain. In the process,something goes wrong as Kevin`s therapist come to terms with hisclient conditions where he notices an abnormal behavior and suspectsthat Kevin may possess a personality of sinister twenty-four. Dr.Karen Fletcher believes that it might be real since in sometimesback, Kevin had mentioned about it.

Bythe time the three girls met Patricia who dresses as a woman, it isthis point where they came to understand the nature of theirkidnapper. In the process of struggle, Casey devices other mean tohelp her and in the act, she comes close to Hedwig so that theybefriend one another. He is the personality that brings outinformation that they will get sacrificed to the Beast. In all theattempts that Claire made to go away, Dennis took the initiative tohave her locked in a different cell (Shyamalan,M. et al. 5).Later on, Marcia also tries to escape, and the same scenarioreoccurs, and she also goes to another cell. All these processescontinue, but Casey still plays it wisely and continues befriendingHedwig. Her persistence is due to loophole she noticed whereby sheheard Hedwig mention of a window in one of the rooms of which if shefinds it true, she take advantage and escape. In the long run, shepersuades Hedwig to lead to her to the location of the bedroom, butit turns out that it is not a reality as it is only a drawing of thewindow which may not make her escape. Casey develops illusions in hermind and reflects back the kind of suffering she went through whilestill young.

Ina meeting that Dennis and Fletcher attended, they talked ofabandonment of Kevin by his parents. In this case, the personalitiestry to find ways in which their assistance can be beneficial to Kevinto overcome his disorder of obsessive and compulsive. It is thesetraits that make Fletcher believe that Kevin is responsible forkidnappings. She reflects the time she found Claire at Kevin`s placelocked up by Dennis who in the later manifest itself to a Beast,portraying other traits of superhuman speed.

Tosum up, when one analyses the films correct direction, split standsout as one of Shyamalan’s works which have consistency in itsscenes with high quality. When giving an opinion, it is a film thatprovides viewers with evidence on how filmmakers use their immenseskills and abilities in creating a genre with themes that pass themessage to the viewers(Shyamalan,M. et al. 8).In the movie split, it illustrates some unusual treatment whichrelates to Kevin conditions. For the moviegoers, it proves to be adivisive issue as it explores widely on emotional feelings and at thesame time, one would feel physical trauma that people get subjectedto in stressful situations .However, there is a lesson learned fromthe movie and has a controversy in which it portrays stigmatizationexperienced by mentally ill individuals. In this way, it is a kind ofmovie that reinforces another stereotype to people`s mind thatpersons with mental illness often exhibit unethical traits andsometimes dangerous and violent. It is shown at the expense of thoseindividuals who are vulnerable in the society as they cannot bereorganized do not get treatments that they deserve.


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