Multilingual are better at multitasking

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Multilingualare better at multitasking


Multilingualare better at multitasking

Researchstudies indicate that speaking two or more languages has a paramountimpact on the cognitive process[ CITATION Hsi15 l 1033 ].There are wide brain variations between bilinguals as compared tomonolinguals. Multilingualpeople tend to have efficient multitasking skills because of theircapabilities to switch to different language structures.


Thehypothesis of the study is that multi-linguals generally weresuperior at multitasking, and altogether more inclined to tackle morethan one assignment. In this case, the variables involved aremonolinguals, multi-linguals, and tasks such as driving.

Developmentof the Research Hypotheses

Researchershave inferred that bilingual people constantly exercise their brains,hence boost brain power. According to (Gupta &amp Rajaram, 2012),“multi-linguals tend to be more efficient at executive functionssuch as switching tasks and multitasking”. The existing researchinvestigations conclude that multilingual people have a bilingualadvantage and proficiency in multitasking because of the mentalability to change roles based on the respective context.

Implicationon the Literature

Astudy by Hsieh aimed at establishing the efficiency of multi-lingualsin multitasking and switching tasks involved 20 monolinguals and 13bilinguals. The above subjects were put into a driving test wherethey would 1. Only drive 2. Drive while engaged in a phoneconversation[ CITATION Hsi15 l 1033 ].The research results showed that bilingual people performed theirtasks faster, under multitasking condition.


Theresearch results from different studies help understand theimportance of learning various languages. The cognitive process ofthe brain is more effective in multi-linguals as compared tomonolinguals. Future research investigations ought to delve intoshedding light on how different types of multilingualism affectspecific tasks.


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