My “Bump In the Road.”

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My “Bump In the Road.”

My “Bump In the Road.”

Daily, people around the globe are faced with obstacles of differentkinds. As a student, being faced by one of these obstacles became aturning point in my life. The obstacle that came my way was when mygrandfather developed a prostate cancer. This became a major “bumpin the road” for me as well as the rest of my family. When thisterrible event occurred, my parents were on the move always flyingback and forth from America to Pakistan. They were my grandfather’ssole caregivers and managed him from the US, so they never reallywere there to take care of the family. My father also took time outof his business, and this affected the business negatively. Evenjuggling work was very hard for him. My father’s business was theonly source of income for the family. With all of this unfolding, Ideveloped abilities that would later shape my life and enabled metoday to contribute to the community around me.

During such a pressing time for my family and with my parents on theconstant move, I developed the value of self-responsibility. I couldtake care of my father’s store and sometimes took a part-time jobto help out and learned how to be self-reliant. I also had to beaccountable for managing my time between school and work so I madegood choices that would be beneficial to me. I learned how to beresponsible as far as time management is concerned, so as to be atwork and at the same time perform at school. I have confidence inmyself that I properly balanced all these responsibilities. Equippedwith these qualities, I will contribute to the school community sinceI will have to properly manage my time and exerciseself-responsibility so as to take part in campus activities andaccomplish the responsibilities that would assist in building ahealthy college community.

Going through everything due to this “bump in the road”strengthened me and helped me to develop many other good qualities. Itook over many of domestic chores. I learned how to prepare meals,clean, and take care of myself as well as my younger siblings. Mostof the time, I cooked for the family, trying to remember to preparefood with proper nutritional balance which would keep my body fit sothat I could continue moving and staying focused in school. I alsohad to ensure that I created enough time for me to eat and clean thehouse. These important qualities would help me to contribute to thecollege community because I need to keep the fire burning and learnto balance several responsibilities. This will help me to be part ofall college activities and meet my duties and responsibilities sothat I would not be a disappointment to any of my peers and thecommunity around me.

I believe this college is the right school for me. This universityprovides me with very many options I can choose from when deciding ona major to pursue. The scope of the college community is not too bigfor me, and there are various things to experience making it fit into my life. Experiencing the obstacle I faced in my life equipped mewith qualities that I consider will be of much help in contributingto the college community (Wirszycz, 2012). I am ready to engage inchallenges and circumstances that are going to be new to me.


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