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“Calvin,why don’t you just join our bandwagon? Perhaps you can understandwhy we talk little about relationships and marriage like eligiblebachelors. Possibly, it can save your skin from the disseminatinggossip that you are gay Sam Claimed, laughing. “Do you understandthat lack of a consistent opposite Sex Company makes you a victim ofsexual orientation speculations” Asked Alex. “My friend, I am avictim of modernity and feminism, the prominent evils to the currentsociety, second to terrorism but a bane to current life.”. Ireplied. The three of them nearly collapsed with laughter.

Thefour working colleagues seemed unconcerned about what bothered memost. In fact, as he was speaking, thoughts about drama queensdawdled in my mind. Beautiful women that easily get bored out oftheir skins, transform a candid friendship to transactional liaison,eventually imperiling their suitors to groups to ideal meaning ofalimony. Sam’s opinion seemed contrary to the same, thus indicatingeconomy to truth about potential fate of a bachelor that hastilybecomes entangled with chains of patrimony (Bender, 2006) “Emotionalrelationships between men and women are not only a congenital butalso a manipulative prick that can drain one of a sense of a meaningof life. I reject to be enslaved by the visual charms again” Icontinued. “Personal soliloquy will give you more questions thananswers.” Alex replied.

Aswe conversed in a cheap restaurant, my mind was engaged in thinkingabout Cate, a lady with an inclination to bonuses the world offers tothose gifted with visual traits are universally appealing. Cate was amodel with a body with angles and degrees that could be too hard foran ordinary statistician to equate to algebra, and if he could, it isonly the chosen few that could comprehend them. All those that sawher could easily be driven to psychiatric ward. After a short datingperiod, she resorted to seek the society’s physically and finestpersons of the opposite sex. Her nastiest words were about howquerulous my lyrics were to her ears. I remembered her last words.“Calvin, I find your thin, wiry body and unpleasant smilerepulsive.”

“SoCate began shelving company to men qualified intellectually, as wellas aptitude endowed species of the planet earth?” Alex asked whilelaughing.’ Your former queen’s body could even tempt a pope,”replied Sam. “Everybody is subject to a rude shock in love. Herneatness and primness was a skin deep.” I replied.

Theending of my relationship with Cate changed me. The woman wasenlightened in the ways of the city but dumped me in bunch of menthat believe that women are not women anymore. Feminists sold a loadof lies that are now encumbering the society with trauma. To mysurprise, Cate turned out to be one of the women whose tastes,attitudes and preferences are inflexible as opposed to my initialthoughts. To me, Cate was an emotional sabotage. She turned out to betoo choosy to be written off as overly fussy after two years ofdating. Now I was an outcast among my friends because we did notmarry. As a panacea to future heartbreaks, I found it essential tovet every woman that came along rigorously

At11.00 pm, idiotically raunchy Jamaican songs were common in our beerclub. We could hear the DJ change to the dirtiest misogynist song ofout time, DoctorRing Ding.We could see some women could jump on men and simulate sex. We callthe actions ‘beergasm’, an ordained arousal that emanates frommultiple sips of beer and strictly observable by those that are stonysober. Despite being drunk, I thought these creatures were ‘high’on something, probably more than vodka. “Let us go home, lest weget infected with immorality” I suggested. “We cannot drive homedrunk like this. Let us use taxi” Said Alex. We walked out througha corridor with a cocktail of odor tobacco, sex and alcohol. Alongthe half-lit pavement filled with mess, we stumbled into Cate. “Therecomes your queen” Shouted Sam. Fortunately, she did not hear it.She headed straight to the dance floor. Alas! I could not believe itat first, Cate had lost her youthful luster to a point where no soberman could dare to cast an eye on her. She could not see us .Withcontemplative beer chat, we came to a conclusion that the currentpredicament had something to do with early, unprepared motherhood.Life in the 30s is complicated for men and women, regardless ofattractiveness. I never knew that it could be hard for such an angelto find a man to walk her down the aisle.


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