National Security

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Currently,under the leadership of President Donald J Trump through the federalgovernment, the United States is working hard to tighten homeland andnational security by protecting the country from foreign people whomay enter the country as terrorists. There are several ways that thepresident has decided to use to resolve the issue with the first onebeing the current executive order and the other way being the properconstruction of the US-Mexico border wall.

Accordingto the current executive order, the President is working to protectthe United States from any form of entry of foreign terrorists intothe United States. In the Executive Order 13769, the president isusing the power and authority vested in him by the Constitution aswell as laws of the United States inclusive of the Immigration andNationality Act to implement the Trump travel ban (,1). The travel ban wants to guarantee American citizens of assuredsafety by eradicating any form of terrorism that may catch the UnitedStates unaware such as the 9/11 attacks. In this case, the presidentis using the power of the three branches of the federal governmentthat includes the judiciary, legislature and executive to promiseAmericans of assured security from foreign terrorists.

Forthat reason, through the travel ban, President Donald J Trumpsuspends any form of entry of certain foreigners from Iraq, Libya,Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, and Iran for 90 days. The reason forbanning citizens from these seven countries is the prevalent rate ofterrorism experienced in these nations as well as the high inflow ofcitizens from the same countries into the United States(, 1). Therefore, the executive order was implementedto protect Americans from any form of entry of citizens who may beterrorists from the mentioned countries.

Theother strategy that President Donald J Trump is using to tighteninternal and homeland security are the ideas of building a strongerborder wall that separates Mexico from the United States. On 19 March2017, three days ago, the Trump administration, through the federalgovernment, was soliciting design prototypes and proposals for anapproximately 2,000-mile long wall to separate the two countries (NBCNews, 1). Through the US Customs and Border Protection, two requestswere published concerning proposals of specifications of the “big,beautiful wall” that the president had promised. The wall is mainlyconstructed to keep Mexicans or any other citizen who may use Mexicoas a route of illegally entering the United States to disrupt peaceand political stability.

Inmy honest opinion, the travel ban in the current executive order isthe most appropriate security measure as it directly deals withterrorism-stricken areas. Besides, each level of the governmentranging from federal, state and local is directly involved in theimplementation of these two security measures. However, the state andlocal governments work within their areas of jurisdiction while thefederal government works to ensure that the protective measures areenacted across the country.

Forinstance, last week on Friday, the federal government solicited thedesign proposals for building the US border wall with Mexico. Stateand local governments only come in when plans come down to state andlocality levels respectively. Besides, through the federalgovernment, President Donald J Trump implemented the executive orderthat suspended several countries from allowing their respectivecitizens enter the United States.


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