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Thesuccess and security of nations and even people have always dependedon the networks they have. For instance, the USA enjoys a stableposition of superpower due to a close relationship with Britain,Germany, France, South Korea, and Israel among other nations.Similarly, individuals, especially in politics and business, havealso established relationships that help them to achieve growth andsuccess. Therefore, it has become prudent that individuals observe aparticular principle in business behavior, such as integrity,positivity and focus among others, which enhance their networkingability(, 2017).Thus, this paper intends to show that networking is essential to jobseekers and the importance of having personal integrity.

Tobegin with, there are certain traits of personal integrity that areconsidered important in business such as being trustworthy, honestand incorruptible. For instance, in my case, I would apply thisquality by always being truthful and honest with my family members,friends, church companions, classmates, coworkers, and tutors, andthose I will probably interact with in the course of my career. Thismeans that I need to apologize when I make a mistake, and always dothe right thing, as I commit myself to establish relationships withother people based on trust. Such traits will make it easy for me tohave connections.

Networksare essential to jobseekers as they help them get jobs, internship,training and referrals easily (,2017).It is thus important that one interacts well with people at anyvenue, such as conferencesexhibitions,website forums, business networking websites, and institutes forindustries atany convenient time (,2017). Moreover, one can interact with people like scientists, lecturers,educators, councilors, previous employers, friends, classmates,senior students and church companions among others in theirnetworking as these people relate with an array of individuals andcan help one get a job opportunity in their respective fields andother connections. Furthermore, it is vital when a person relateswith any of the above members and he/she should do so with thehighest moral character because the greatest mistake an individualwould make is to treat any of the above persons as insignificant orunimportant. This is because one can be in a position to giverecommendations and he/she will not give a positive response if theperson in question has always been disrespectful and lacks integrity.


Therefore,as much as networking is important in helping a person get a job,he/she should always consider being of high integrity with anyindividual as today’s technology has made people interact and knoweach other easily. One should treat all people with integrity as thisquality is helpful in networking.

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