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ATotal Compensation Model shows ways in which a non-profitorganization can compensate both paid and volunteering staff.Material compensation, social compensation, psychic compensation, andspiritual compensation are the four categories in the TotalCompensation Model ( Notall employees are looking to achieve all four levels of compensation.Some are satisfied with just the material level of set-off, whileothers move on up to meet the rest of the bonus levels. As anindividual, the most important to me are the material compensationand social compensation.


Thiscategory is essential to me because I have financial needs and dailyor weekly wages and benefits would help take care of theserequirements. I would like to work in an environment that is vibrantand pleasant so that an improved physical environment would be idealfor motivation and productivity. Safety and security are alsonecessary because, without a sense of security, I would not berelaxed enough to work hard.


Iwant to work in a place where interpersonal relationships areimportant to productivity. I would like my place of work also toprovide an engaging work environment where I stay active becausebeing active keeps me vibrant. I also want to be in a positive workenvironment where people have respect for each other, and they havecivil and polite interactions. This kind of working environment wouldmake me look forward to doing my job.

Inconclusion, a leader can make material compensation available for hisemployees by paying them daily or weekly wages and perhaps providingtransport allowances and lunch. A leader could also make socialpayment available by organizing team building activities or holdingoffice parties occasionally, to encourage social interaction.