NUR 422 #7 Black Board Response

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NUR422 #7 Black Board Response


Responseto Student # 1

Accordingto Hanson et al. (2010), family health care nursing describes how themembers plan on the activities that may enhance their welfareinternally and externally. Nevertheless, families vary based on thestructures, processes, and function embedded in the uniqueness oftheir culture. These differences influence each household’shealthcare plan due to factors such as economic resources. A healthyfamily entails one with the money to engage in behaviors aimed atstrengthening and improving their quality of life. Contrastingly,lack of these resources drives families to focus on the realizationof their human needs.

Responseto Student # 2

Evolutionin the promotion of household health has over the years occurred dueto the significant change from infections to severe disorders as theprimary cause of death. Research indicates that the evolutionemanated from a decline in the birthrate, aging of the population andthe costs incurred throughout such processes (Hanson et al. 2010).Family health care nursing suggests effective ways in which familiesmay promote the welfare of the entire unit through nutrition and bodyexercises. Besides, technological advancements in the nursing fieldhave introduced better strategies aimed at improving the people’swell-being.

Responseto Student # 3

Hansonet al. (2010), accentuates that family health may refer to thefunctioning of the members based on their physical welfare. Theefficient operation of a family requires consideration of eachmember’s contribution to the entire unit. Despite theresponsibilities and tasks entitled to each member, they have anobligation to solve their issues amicably through dialogue as well asother germane strategies. These plans include discussing parentingstrategies necessary for instilling discipline to the children andsharing responsibilities to reduce stress levels. Additionally,effectiveness in a working family involves children’s participationin the activities.


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