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Responseto Student A

Nursespossess the necessary skills to help families balance their needs andeconomic resources through developing a budget. Budget planning, asdescribed by Marquis and Huston (2015, allows the nurses to assessand consider potential interventions at preventing costlyreadmissions and improving the patient’s welfare. Nurses are alsotasked with the responsibility of educating chronic patients aboutthe medication, expected actions, and potential side effects. Theirassessment and evaluation the elements help patients to articulaterelated symptoms and inform health care providers in advance whichresults in the elimination of unnecessary costs.

Responseto Student B

Accordingto Marquis and Houston (2015), family-centered care plays asignificant role in the welfare of patients with chronic disordersand prescribed life-long complex homes. Nevertheless, they also pointout that the economic impacts faced by these families depend on howthey accommodate the condition and develop ways of coping with it andthe insurance coverage. Some of the economic impacts realized fromthe situation entail costs incurred in obtaining treatment throughpurchasing medication or other services. These are followed closelyby challenges in evaluating other expenses related to taking care ofthe patient.

Responseto Student C

Thedelivery and provision of health care services to chronic patientsnecessitates the ability of family nurses to determine the processes,dimensions, and influences of other psychological circumstances.Physicians have utilized various strategies such as the “Whooleyquestions” to determine the initial signs of depression (Marquisand Huston, 2015). The questions focus on evaluating the patient’semotions and behavior over a period, and if they respondaffirmatively, the medical practitioners indicate the need forfurther assessment. These strategies focus on identifying thepresence of chronic diseases before they escalate to severeconditions thus eliminating unnecessary costs.


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