Nurses in Legal Actions

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Nursesin Legal Actions

Nursesin Legal Actions

Lockhart, L. (2017). Nurses underinvestigation.&nbspNursingmade Incredibly Easy,&nbsp15(2),55.

The article, “Nurses underinvestigation” by Lisa Lockhart, was written to give a detailedexplanation of what it means for a nurse to be under investigation.In summary, the article talks about the process of going throughinvestigation once the reason is ascertained. Some of the reasonspresented by the article include alleged impairment, abuse, privacyviolation, and inability to maintain licensure requirements. Thearticle emphasizes on the inclusion of the nurse in the process,whereby he or she is made aware that a complaint has been filedagainst them and the resulting investigation. The nurse is given achance to give their side of the events. Also, the risk associatedwith the allegation determine how the board of nursing responds. Thearticle also talks of the possible repercussions once the nurse isfound guilty for example, monetary fines, suspension, probation, oreven permanent license revocation. The article is a supplement towhat the book talks about in the nurses in legal actions chapter. Itprovides valuable and up to date information about the entire processof an investigation. One of the unique features of the article is theimpartiality quality it presents about the process. It presents theboard of nurses as a body as an unprejudiced board which bothconsiders the nurse and the accuser equally while still performingtheir duties. This feature can also be considered a strength of thearticle. Although, the real strength is the article’s shortness andprecision that enables the reader to understand the topic easier andfaster than when reading a textbook. The only weakness is the lack ofreal life examples which would have served as a great tool.