Nursing Practices

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Apartfrom caregivers from various health facilities, most patients havefamilies who also provide care and support to them. Since they maynot have the required skills to take care of their beloved onessuffering from different illnesses, they should collaborate with thehealth caregivers to offer the patient emotional and adequate supportnecessary for their quick and full recovery. Therefore, one of theprimary goals of caregivers is to empower families to remain healthythrough focusing on their resources, strengths, and competencies(Kaakinen et al., 2015). To achieve this, they should reduce stress,make use of the available resources in the family and make changesthat are likely to enhance the whole family health status. This couldbe in terms of their diet, hospital expenses and giving emotionalsupport to the sick family members. Similarly, family healthpromotions should be part of the nursing care offered by varioushealth institutions to every family.

HealthyPeople 2020

Oneof the objectives of the healthy people 2020 is to promote patientshealth in every hospital, by creating an enabling physical and socialenvironment for quick healing. This why chapter eight of the text,mainly focuses on confidentiality of patient information in relationto the family members. According to the American Nurse Association,every nurse and other medical practitioners are required to maintainthe confidentiality of patient information related to the diseasesthey are suffering from and the genetic risks they are likely to face(Kaakinen et al., 2015). Such information is not supposed to bedisclosed to any family member without the consent of the patient.However, if the condition is likely to affect the other members ofthe family, it is important that they are made aware of it. Forexample, when a family member suffers from hereditary breast cancer,the patient or nurse should notify the family members about it.

Generalsystems theory

Generally,the General Systems Theory is one of the methodologies used byvarious scholars to understand complex problems in the body of humanbeings and the surrounding environment, and it aims at understandingthe system`s structure rather than its function. According to thistheory, complex systems share some of the basic principles despitetheir roles in the body of human beings (Kaakinen et al., 2015). Fromthe case study, it is clear that some of Mathew`s family members arelikely to suffer from the same stroke which killed him. This can beexplained by the fact that the body is made up of various systemswhich consist of genes and there is a possibility that Mathews couldhave shared some of his genes with his children and grandchildren. Asa result of sharing these genes, his family members, including Edna,Maria, and Fiona, could suffer from the same stroke since they havethe symptoms.


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