Nursing Reflection Regarding IOM Nursing Recommendation

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Nursing:Reflection Regarding IOM Nursing Recommendation

Due to thecomplexity of diseases in nursing profession, continued education isparamount. With increased education, nurses will be able to securethe health of patients due to intensive research. Nurses whoundertake baccalaureate and doctorate degrees are able to gain vastexperience regarding current trends of diseases and introduce newtreatment procedures and policies. The paper discusses how I seemyself accomplishing the recommendations of Institute of medicationin the future.

Instituteof Medication (IOM) Recommendations

Currently, I amplanning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing to meetrecommendation 4 of IOM that seeks to increase the numbers of whohave degrees by 80% by the year 2020. A majority of nation’s magnethospitals that comprises private and public healthcare centers demandnurses who have vast knowledge (Finkelman&amp Kenner, 2015). Magnet hospitals are reputed dueto superior patients’ outcomes and nursing excellence. My ambitionis to reach the pinnacle of nursing profession by attaining adoctorate. I am looking forward to acquiring a doctorate degreewithin the next four years to meet recommendation 5 of IOM. My dreamis to incorporate evidence-based practice in my nursing practices.Some emerging illnesses such as H1N1 influenza and severe acuterespiratory syndrome are causing economic losses due to travel bansto the affected areas, and public fear (Finkelman&amp Kenner, 2015). Additionally, various types ofcancer such as bronchial cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancerare becoming are a threat to humanity. For instance, statisticsindicate that pancreatic cancer claimed approximately 43,900 peopleby January 2017 in America (Furze&amp Pearcey, 2017). Life-long learning, which isrecommendation 6 of IOM, will enable me to meet with other nursingprofessionals and collaborate in innovating and implementing newtreatment measures. After graduating as a registered nurse, I havelimited options in the job market. My tasks will be limited to ahealthcare center, that consist of educating individuals andfamilies, monitoring patients, keeping patient`s records andconsulting with physicians.

HowHigh Level of Education will Affect my Competence in the Job MarketCurrently

With increasededucation, I will be able to administer effective treatments undercomplex situations. I will be able to work with complex informationmanagement systems that demand analysis skills. Besidesevidence-based practice, nurses require knowledge regarding healthpolicies, public health, and leadership skills. I will be able towork with life-saving technologies that are sophisticated. Theworld’s population is currently escalating, pressuring thehealthcare centers. High level of education will ensure I preventdiseases recurrence especially among the young ones and geriatrics(Johansson,Oleni, &amp Fridlund, 2012). I will be able toeliminate diseases progression, acute care episodes and managechronic illnesses effectively. High level of education will introduceme to other healthcare specialists who include physical therapists,pharmacists, social workers, and physicians, who have doctoratedegrees during research. Consequently, high education in nursingwill enhance my competence to the benefits of patients.

How High Education will Impact on My Role in the Future

With a doctorate,hands-on patient practice will decline. I will focus on evaluatingand correcting healthcare programs that have been implemented basedon experiments. I will be able to conduct extensive types ofresearch based on the emerging and current diseases and document themost effective treatment approaches. Furthermore, I will able toteach new nurses and provide advice to the government regardingprograms in the society. I will be able to work with internationalorganizations such as WHO to aid patients in different countries. Moreover, I will be able to formulate new policies in nursing andwrite books regarding the best healthcare practices.

In conclusion, theInstitute of Medication report (IOM) is in alignment with my futureambitions. I aim to pursue a bachelor`s degree in nursing and later adoctorate. Due to complexity in diseases, high-level education willenable me to utilize complex technologies for the safety of patients.


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