Obama’s Election as a Culmination the African-American Civil Rights Movement

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Obama’sElection as a Culmination the African-American Civil Rights Movement

In2008, Obama was elected as the first black president of the UnitedStates. Previously, he had served as a senator representing Illinois.His election to the White House caught many by surprise as no onethought Americans could elect a person of African-American descent.Obama’s election signified a change about how the Americans viewedracial discrimination and segregation. His election was theculmination of the African-American civil rights movements. Thispaper highlights how Obama’s election represented the rightsmovement of black Americans.


Thevictory of Obama depicted the success attained by the civil rightsmovement. His election to the highest office in the United Statesdemonstrated that the minorities in the country were politicallyempowered. It reminded Americans that the struggle for equal rightsand representation was not in vain. Moreover, it portrayed that allAmerican citizens had gained social equality and were politicallyfree to vie for senior elective positions. With Obama becoming thepresident, African-Americans felt they had acquired the long-awaitedfreedom. Black American politicians became hopeful of participatingin elections as they witnessed one of their own becoming the leaderof a great nation (Rucker 3). Americans of the African descent saw itas a reward for the atrocities they were subjected to in the pastwhen racial segregation was the order of the day.


Racialdiscrimination has been an issue of concern in the United States. Inthe past, African-Americans were treated as second-class citizens anddenied equal rights with the whites. However, the civil rightsmovement sought to fight for the rights of blacks and other racialminorities. Obama’s election restored the hope of black Americansand affirmed that the fight for equal rights was not in vain.


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