Operation Breakthrough and Mothers in Charge

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Even though the duty of healthcare lies with the government,it is evident that there are many non-governmental organizationswhose work is to provide care to the less privileged in the society. are two such agencies inKansas City. Research has shown that the government focuses largelyon major known health issues such as elimination of malaria andobesity. However, health issues such as homicide and dental problemsreceive little attention from the government.

Thesis statement: The failure by the government to cater for thechildren of poor mothers and victims of violent crimes has led to theestablishment of agencies such as Operation Breakthrough and Mothersin Charge, which provide some basic health services.

Operation Breakthrough

Operation Breakthrough is an agency (daycare) that was opened in1971 by nuns Berta Sailer and Carita Bussanmas. Its mission was toassist mothers who were missing work due to the duties of childcare.Notably, childcare services were expensive, and most single womenwould not afford to pay the fees with their small salaries. Based inMissouri, the daycare targets children from the inner parts of KansasCity, and from poor single mothers, and help them to achieve theirlife goals (Ziegler, 2013). The agency provides meals, medical care,dental care, clothing, speech therapy, and housing to the homelesschildren. Notably, some of the children admitted in this daycare arehomeless. To date, the agency cares for over 600 children aged 6 to18 years. The agency is usually funded by the Lawyers EncouragingAcademic Performance (LEAP). The agency derives its name“Breakthrough” from its desire to breakthrough poverty or toovercome poverty.

Operation Breakthrough has been instrumental in offering health careservices and dental services to the children of Kansas City comingfrom low-income families or homeless children. Children`s Mercyprovides the medical services at the agency. Essentially, some of thechildren who are admitted to the agency are drug addicts, and theyrequire counseling sessions to recover. Further, some of the homelesschildren come to the agency while suffering from various diseasessuch as pneumonia and they all receive treatment (Ziegler, 2013).Children moving out of the agency are in perfect health, and thisenhances the health of the society in Kansas City. Since the singlemothers have their children’s needs being catered for, they caneasily afford their healthcare. This improves the general health ofthe Kansas City residents.

Mothers in Charge

“Mothers in Charge Incorporation” was founded in 2003 by DorothyJohnson in Philadelphia. However, it has since expanded to othercities such as Kansas City where it was started in 2013 by RosilynTemple. The mission of this organization, which is registered as anon-profit entity is to champion for the reduction of violent crimesthrough education and prevention. Further, the organization offerssupport to families of victims of violent crimes. In Kansas City, theorganization has sought to create a safe city where families are notonly supported but also empowered (Obrien, 2014). According to thefounder of Mothers in Charge, violent crimes and homicides arenational health issues which require to be addressed urgently. Thereare millions of women who have lost their children and husbands toviolent crimes, and they do not have a voice to air their suffering.This organization offers such women the opportunity to explain theirexperiences and champion for change.

The Kansas chapter of the agency has been instrumental in providingcounseling services to mothers, grandmothers, sisters and aunties whohave lost their loved ones through cases of homicide. Notably, manywomen suffer from stress and depression from such losses, andcounseling services are essential in helping them recover from theloss (Obrien, 2014). According to the founder of the agency inKansas, there has been a 26% reduction in the number of violentcrimes. This has been achieved through education and awarenessprograms by the Women in Charge agency.

While concluding, there is no doubt about the achievements that thetwo agencies have had in enhancing the health of the people of KansasCity. Operation Breakthrough has been instrumental in improving thehealth of disadvantaged children and their mothers. In addition,Mothers in Charge has helped numerous families through counselingprograms and education seminars, and this has led to a reduction inviolent crimes.


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