Oprah Winfrey-Theories of Personality Student`s

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OprahWinfrey-Theories of Personality


OprahWinfrey-Theories of Personality

Thispaper aims to study more about the Adlerian framework superioritystriving and examine the manner in which Oprah Winfrey fits into theAdlerian framework. Persons are motivated by varied things andpossess separate agenda for striving for who they are, and OprahWinfrey is no exception. Her points of weakness become herinspiration and assisted her to become one of the richest AfricanAmerican females in the United States (Guthrie, 2013).

OprahWinfrey within Adlerian Framework

OprahWinfrey is a famous personality, media giant and named amongst thebillionaires in the United States. Winfrey did overcome lots ofchallenges in her rise to fame and was rated the richest in the 20thcentury among the Africana American (Burger, 2015).

Howshe obtained her Superiority Thriving

Oprah`squite unstable upbringing forced her to shift points of stayregularly. At an instant, she was residing in her grandmother`s homewho later sent her to live with her mother. Her mother, after awhile, sent her to stay with her father only for her to refuse theproposal. Moreover, Winfrey was abused and raped by her uncle, arelative and family friends. Oprah’s strives for achievementresulted after the loss of her baby at 14 years. The roguishbehavioral characteristics prompted a lot of agony into the mother(Guthrie, 2013). Her enthusiasm for positive transformation and herfather`s guidance assisted her to attain victory and superiorityendeavoring of a greater degree (Burger, 2015).


OprahWinfrey’s response is for personal gain and not for socialinterest. She had a waste past in her childhood and therefore, had tore-strategize to regain her likely lost glory. Her success isattached to her decision to refocus on her goal and overcome theobstacles in her upbringing.


Itis censoriously noticed that Oprah is a famous icon within andwithout the United States for striving for achievement despite thenegative prevailing factors. She was motivated by her inferiorityfeelings to overcome and strive for perfection, and success.


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