Orem`s Self-Care Concept Map Student`s

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Orem’sSelf-Care Concept Map

Orem’sSelf-Care Concept Map

Theself-care model is one of the major theories that guide nursingpractice that was introduced by Dorothea Orem in 1989.Hasanpour-Dehkordi (2016) defined self-care as“the involvement of patients in their care throughself-observation, recognition and labelling of symptoms and assessingtheir severity to implement various treatment choices” (1). Anotherdefinition of self-care is conceptthe promotion of patient independence in the delivery of care asindividuals recover faster when they are in charge of theirtherapeutic plans. The theory highlights the self-care activities forthe patient and helps the nurse (Masters, 2012). This paper is aconcept map for Dorothea Orem’s self-care theory.

Themeaning of self-care is different in other disciplines. First, nursigdeals with patients while other disciplines may not. Also, the nursemeets the self-care deficits unlike in other disciplines where nodeficit may arise. Theself-care deficit theory has three major inter-relatedcharacteristics. The first one is the self-care model which holdsthat every human being wishes to take care of self by performingseveral activities that improve health(Wayne, 2014).This concept is related to assessment where a health care provider issupposed to collect data through history taking, physicalexamination, and various investigations to understand the client’shealth care needs and their ability to meet them. The data also helpsin the identification of deficits paving the way for the next conceptof the self-care theory.

Thesecond attriute of the middle range thoery is a self-care deficit(Edney, Jamie, &amp Young, 2017).It explains a situation where the patient cannot meet his/herindividual needs thus requires nursing intervention. This concept isrelated to diagnosis and planning for the necessary care activities.The final concept in the self-care theory is the nursing system(Current Nursing, 2012). This describes how to meet the identifiedneeds. The nurse can meet the needs partially, wholly or empower thepatient to meet them independently. This concept is related to theimplementation of the plan of care as well as evaluation.

Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory

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Step III

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Evaluation: Refers to the continuous monitoring through the collection of evidence to assess the achievement of the set goals.

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Self-Care: Every individual has an inherent need to take care of himself. Therefore, people should perform various activities to maintain health.

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Implementation: Involves application of the proposed solutions to help the patient achieve self-care competencies.

Planning: The formulation of goals and methods to help meet the identified self-care deficits.

Nursing System: Describes how the set goals will be met by the nurse in collaoartion with the patient. The nurse can meet the goals partly, wholly or educate the patient to meet them independently.

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Diagnosis: The identification of the nature of the self-care deficit requiring nurse intervention

Self-Care Deficit: Specifies when nursing intervention is required as the patient is unable to meet the self-care needs.

Assessment: Nurses should assess the self-care capabilities of the patient to perform self-care activities of daily living.


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