Paradise Lost Poems

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ParadiseLost Poems

  1. What do you know about John Milton

JohnMilton was a poet and was the one who wrote Paradise Lost poem.

  1. What do you know about biblical paradise/the Garden of Eden/Adam and Eve?

Adamwas the first man to be created by God and Eve was his wife. The twolived in the Garden of Eden until when the evil deceived them makingthem eat the forbidden fruit in the garden. It was after eating thisfruit that they were chased from the garden by God.

  1. What is the setting of the epic?

Thesetting of the epic is in London during the mid to late 17thcentury

  1. What is the conflict of the epic?

Theconflict of the epic is developed the moment Satan enters into thegarden. It is at this point that Satan establishes his maliciousplans and the reader expects something to happen to Adam and Eve uponthe entry of Satan into the garden.

  1. How is this an example of biblical allusion?

Thisis an example of biblical allusion because it relates to the biblicalstory where Satan entered the Garden of Eden, in form of a serpent,and deceived Eve with his malicious plans.

  1. How do obedience/punishment play an important role in the story

Obedienceis considered an important theme in the story because the tale isbased on the moral lessons of obedience. It is through obedience thatone can avoid or get punishment this depends the subject beingobeyed.

  1. Give an example of indirect characterization

Satanis characterized to be a hero, but not a true one because of themanner he succeeds in his goal of corrupting humankind. Hischaracterization is associated with evil things.

  1. At the beginning of the epic, Milton states the purpose. What is it?

Thepurpose of the epic is to discuss Adam and Eve’s disobedience, aswell as their fall from grace (Milton, 2016).

  1. What kind of individual is Satan? God? Adam? Eve?

Inthe epic Satan is depicted to be changing from being a leader and tosome evil forms since he tends to disguise himself. God is depictedas being holy and linked to good things. Adam is portrayed as anintelligent and strong individual, but he is made weak by the love hehas for Eve. Alternatively, Eve is indicated as a strong woman takingan important role in marriage however, she is easily manipulated bySatan (Milton, 2016).

  1. What kind of mood or atmosphere does the Invocation to the Muse create at the beginning of the epic?

Atthe beginning of the epic, the Invocation of the Muse creates areligious mood since inspiration is deemed to develop.

  1. How does Milton use point of view to reveal character?

Miltonhas used point of view in revealing characters he uses his ownperspectives to bring out the character of Satan, Eve, God, and Adam.He associates certain behaviors with the characters, which help indefining them to fit his characterization. For instance, he usespoint of view in developing the character of Satan as evil.

  1. How do you think Milton would have written Paradise Lost if he had not been a Christian?

Ithink Milton would have missed some points or concepts in thedevelopment of the epic, if he was not a Christian. This is becausehaving a Christian background helped him create scenes and conceptsrelated to the story. Lack of Christianity basics could have madesome parts of the story not come out clearly as required.


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