Performance Art

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Performanceart is a unique form of expression whereby the craftsperson creates avisual masterpiece with life in it. The word life is used loosely tomean the art work is not still like a painting or a sculpture.Sometimes the artist can decide to be the masterpiece itself or theycan choose other people to represent the art. It is an intriguing artform because the artist is not restricted. In art, the audiences areinterested in the ideas of the craftsperson, therefore, performanceart gives the artist a good platform to openly express themselves inany way. Because of the freedom given to the artist, performance arttends to be controversial most of the times as performers go beyondwhat is considered normal.

Figure1.SeedbedPerformanceby Vito Acconci.

Agood example of controversial performance art is Vito Acconci’sSeedbed(see Figure 1). In his performance, Acconci masturbates under a rampin Sonnabend Gallery, New York. Vito creates mixed feelings in theaudience as some people are appalled by the performance while othersare pleased. It is this sort of attention that has made many fashiondesigners incorporate performance art into their shows. Fashiondesigners want both their pieces and shows to represent theirpersonality. Fashion is all about standing out and performance artdoes just that. It creates an art piece that separates the artistfrom the crowd. Performance art is becoming popular in the fashionworld because it represents a way for fashion designers to wow theiraudiences in a unique way.

ZuhairMurad is a designer who creates haute couture with intricate patternsto make them stand out. His designs show that luxury clothing doesnot have to be all about the fabric, sometimes even the way thematerials are put together matters. He wows his clientele andaudience with his intricate designs and theatrical fashion shows. InMurad’s shows, the models who adorn his haute couture have a carefree attitude which can be inferred as a representation of thedesigner’s personality. Murad is carefree because his hautecoutures are a mixture of creativity and playfulness (see Figure 2).Zuhair Murad is an example of a designer using performance art togive his haute couture a unique identity.

Figure2.An Example of Zuhair Murad’s Haute Couture.

Inconclusion, performance art gives the author freedom to do anything.This freedom can sometimes bring controversy as the artist may dosomething that is considered taboo or irrelevant. Nevertheless,performance art gives the craftsperson uniqueness. Because of thisreason, designers are incorporating performance art into theirfashion shows.


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